Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumn Rose ~

It has been so hot here this past week that I have postponed the fall clean-up in the garden and instead started the fall clean-up in the house. I take one room at a time and do what I call a 'deep cleaning' then I can sit back and relax for a while with just a little dusting and vacuuming. It takes a while but it is so satisfying when the whole house is clean. 
On a short break from all the cleaning I paid a visit to Marshall's and this box caught my eye. When I lifted the lid and a the wonderful fragrance wafted out I was a goner.

 Inside was soy wax candle: Autumn Rose, perfect for the season.

 I immediately decided that this would make a great reward for all of my hard work

I have promised myself not to light it until the entire job is done...but it is so tempting. It will be so nice to have the house not only clean, but softly rose scented.

These lovely roses are one of my favorites: Bewitched a perfect name for the perfect pink rose. 

Miss Twiggley does not like the noise of the vacuum but she does like sitting next to me on the bathroom counter and advising me when I am applying make-up. She says, "less is more"~ spoken like the natural beauty she is!


  1. ahhh.... that's where you've been. We wondered what was keeping you so busy! Beautiful roses & equally adorable kitty... hope the weather begins to cool soon.

  2. Oh, your house is all clean and smelling wonderful too! The roses are lovely and I can almost smell the candle.
    I love Miss Twiggley!

  3. Miss Twiggley is adorable, her makeup looks just right too.

  4. I wish I lived at your house! I love your wallpaper.

  5. Miss Twiggley is so adorable!
    It's so nice having "company" when one cleans. Pepper shies away from the vacuum and Chester chases it!
    I have been in a cleaning mode around here too and I am always surprised by how much dust gathers in this old bungalow of ours.
    Enjoy your weekend and newly scented clean home.

  6. Just found your cute post! What beautiful photos. New Follower.


  7. Lovely post and stunning photos! I wish I could say I'm now in the mood for Fall Cleaning, too. But alas, I'm more in the mood for rose scented candles and crocheting. Love the crochet in your photos. Lovely blog...I'm a New Follower....visiting from Pink Saturday!

  8. Lovely roses & fragrance fully deserved, dear Adrienne.
    Et qu'elle est jolie Miss Twiggley !!✿◕ ‿

  9. I'm glad you rewarded yourself with a lovely candle. Good for you on all the deep cleaning. Miss Twiggley is just the most beautiful kitten.

  10. Bellissime atmosfere d'autunno in rosa!Rosetta

  11. Hello Adrienne:
    The box alone would have been a temptation for us to purchase the scented candle. Such a lovely name and the container is so very pretty. You have obviously been very hard at the cleaning. It does take an age when it is done thoroughly but, as you say, is so satisfying when done. We hope that you will be sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your labours as we write!

  12. Ahh deep cleaning....I need to do the same after having the windows open all summer. Miss Twiggley is the cutest cat I've ever seen! I love the way you photograph her in warm light to compliment the color of her beautiful fur. I'm going to have to add her photo to my collection on Pinterest of cute animals! ♥

  13. It's always nice to have someone give advice on makeup! She's sure cute! Love those black eyed susan's. One of my favorite flowers. Mimi

  14. What a beautiful and calming blog you have! This is my first visit. I too love roses and have decided all my christmas gifts will have a pink silk rose instead of a bow this year.

    Thanks for visiting French Hen's Nest and leaving the nice comment. Comments are so encouraging, don't you think?
    I look forward to more of your writing.

  15. Autumn Rose...sounds like the perfect fragrance. I am sure it makes cleaning more enjoyable.
    Miss Twiggley gets cuter every time I see her!


  16. When you're done cleaning, can you come to my home and clean here as well? I HATE cleaning.
    Autumn rose sounds so poetic...

  17. You probably need to change her name to Princess Twiggley. She certainly looks like a real Royal. I do hope you have a silk pillow for her to sleep on.

  18. I love that box the candle came in. That's a keeper. I agree, there is nothing nicer than the feeling of a clean house.

  19. Very nice candle box, very romantic and very nice rose perfume. I must do my Autumn cleaning myself! Have a nice Autumn

  20. HI Adrienne!
    Your images are always so gorgeous!
    You can even make cleaning and yellow
    ladders look romantic! Seriously!
    Nothing better than a jaunt to Marshall's or TJM
    to distract a chore... as I am ever the procrastinator
    when it comes to house work.

    Give your furry fuzzy love a kiss for me.

  21. Une très belle découverte que celle de votre blog que j'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à consulter...
    Gros bisous à vous

  22. Hello, new follower here! I would love to have you link up with my Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    The Chicken Chick

  23. That squishy little face belongs with the crystal.


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