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Saturday, September 13, 2014

A bit of an impasse ~

I have a bit of a problem with the guest room, unfortunately the fabric I picked out that would have been perfect has been discontinued. So now I am trying to find a replacement and until I do I can't paint the walls. Darn!

As you see below, I do have some other choices and I also have a couple more fabric samples on the way. I am one of those people that needs an inspiration piece to build a room around and it is usually the fabric.

While I am waiting I was at least able to get the new molding and trim painted. It has been so hot here that I had to do it very early in the morning to keep the paint from sticking. I should be able to get it up over the next week. And because most of the ceiling is white I can paint that.


I sent away for the new decorative ceiling corner onlays.

So even though I am at a bit of an impasse some things are getting done and while I am waiting for additional samples I might get some new inspiration from this book.

I love this author, she writes such interesting and informative books, although I haven't yet read this one I really enjoyed her previous book, The Essence of Style: How the French Invented High Fashion, Fine Food, Chic Cafes, Style, Sophistication, and Glamour. 

Even without painting the walls I think I will have plenty to do this weekend.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ready, set, go ~

Now that the powder room is finally finished I have started a new project, the guest bedroom that adjoins the powder room. 

As you can tell it has been a very long time since this room was updated...I mean who on earth sponge paints a room anymore or has wall paper borders.  

Here is the room sans draperies, down to the bare minimum a twenty year ode to Laura Ashley.




All primed and ready for the new paint. I am in the process of making some decisions as far as drapery fabric and paint color. I had this all decided but unfortunately the fabric I wanted to use has been discontinued. While I am waiting to received new fabric samples I can add the architectural details to the ceiling and change out that ugly light fixture to...


Wish me luck.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Got milk ~

Last week when I saw these I told myself that I definitely did not need them. I walked around the store trying to keep them out of my mind and out of my cart...I even got in the car and came home. 


that didn't work either and the next day I went back figuring that if they were still there it was fate and I really was supposed to have them. 

As you can see fate was in my corner and now these two adorable pitchers are in my kitchen.

Total indulgence.

Actually I have wanted some white wear with graphics for a long time so how could I even have thought about passing them up!

Anyone for milk? Or maybe a glass of water.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The lure of boxes ~

With summer ending, and autumn approaching with all of  the up-coming holidays I have been a little obsessed with boxes.

It all started out with the photo below. This is a box my daughter put together as Christmas centerpiece for her table. She has since used it for lots of other occasions. It is just the right size to hold two pony packs of annuals, and when it isn't being used for holiday decor she often fills it this way for an instant bouquet and then later plants the flowers. 

I really wanted one but to get a box with the dimensions I desired I would need to make one.

So... to Home Depot where I purchased one 1x6x8 foot piece of pine. I Cut it to size and nailed it together. By the way, as it turned out boxes aren't that easy to least not on the first try.

But with a little effort I got it together... 

I decided to stain it and as I wanted an industrial/rustic look the corner braces and old drawer pulls I found in the barn added just the right details.


For right now, for your benefit I filled it with some things I had around the house but what I am really looking forward to using it as a centerpiece on my dining room table with autumnal decorations and then for Christmas, filled with ornaments and maybe some little trees.

Now I must get busy and make another one because as it turned out this is a bit too big for my kitchen table, and I would like one to use in there too. if this keeps up I will soon be an expert...maybe I will ad some stencils to the next one. That might look good.

Has the box craze captured your attention, if so there are some wonderful inspirations for using them on Pinterest.

Have fun!
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Trivia ~

It's funny how you can get attached to some ordinary things that aren't really precious or particularly rare.

This little mahogany commode is like that for me. I really don't know where it originally came from, probably some estate sale several years ago. My mother always kept it in her bathroom and when it came to me it seemed natural to do the same.

For some reason I just love it.

It is very petite and just the right size for this spot. I like glancing through the doorway from my bedroom and seeing it.  It also serves a practical and mundane purpose as a place to store extra toilet tissue.

C'est la vie

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I hope your day is filled with an appreciation of simple things.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Almost too good ~

Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. This was something I saw on Decor Steals, passed it by and then wished that I had bought it. I told myself that if they ever offered it again I would get one. Well they did and I did.

It came and it is wonderful, but a lot larger than I expected...I guess I was so blinded by how much I liked it that I didn't pay attention to the dimensions.

The problem is that at this size it has so many uses I can't decide where to put it.

In the kitchen to hold vegetables...or utensils,
in the bathroom to store towels, 
 filled with potted succulents, dried flowers, or African violets.
Maybe inside my pantry, to store canned goods.

You can see the dilemma, this is just too neat!

So, right now it is sitting on the cutting table in my workroom waiting for me to decide...hummmm, 
it would also be great to store all of my sewing notions, yarn, or art supplies...

See what I mean. 

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Les pĂȘches ~

For some reason the peaches have been extra delicious this year, to me peaches speak of summer and are best enjoyed when in season.

They could of course be used to make jam, a pie, or even grilled, but I think that I enjoy them the most simply cut into a bowl and savored for their freshness. And of course...

they are very, very beautiful!

Speaking of peach pies, my mother-in-law Lola who was a wonderful cook made the best pies, the one I remember the most is a peach pie she made for a picnic lunch that we had on the road up to Yosemite one summer.

She got up early that morning to make it and when cut into it was still warm...utterly delicious.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you are enjoying the bounty of summer.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A nice exception ~

It has been a very hot summer and with our drought problems and trying to cut back as much as possible on watering, the garden hasn't looked it's best, but a nice exception to this has been Gomphrena, Fireworks. This is a new plant for me, I planted three of them early in the spring from 4 inch pots, and they have been blooming almost continuously. They send out airy stems 24 to 30 inches tall with pretty little puffs of pink flowers. I read online that they make good cut flowers so I thought I would give them a try...

...and here is the result.

 If you want to see a really talented floral designer go to Frolic she makes the most beautiful, bountiful, inspiring, flower arrangements using just what is on hand. You can also view her bouquets on Pinterest.

I left the bouquet right where I made it, on the kitchen island. Flowers make just about any room special.

If they do make good cut flowers I certainly know where I can get more, but no matter what next spring I will definitely be planting more gomphrenas.

Thank you for visiting I hope you have a beautiful day.