Monday, September 11, 2017

Cleaning up the porch ~

My front porch had really gotten to look very shabby. The rug was stained and worn, the chair cushions were old and battered, and and the chairs themselves were begging for a new coat of varnish.

The black and white floor in the pavilion turned out so well that I decided to use the same black and white color theme on the front porch as well.

I was able to find a classic black and white stripped outdoor fabric at JoAnne's which...

...I used to make cushions and pillows for the newly re-varnished chairs.

I found a new outdoor rug at Home Depot. It isn't black and white but the natural jute blends in nicely with the  wicker color of the chairs.

It really didn't take much effort and the porch, although simple, looks so much better. 

Now I can relax a bit and enjoy the view!

I hope your days are filled with joy

Thank you for visiting.