Saturday, September 30, 2017

A lick of paint ~

In Fawlty Towers, one of the funniest series ever created, the inept building contractor Mr O'Reilly, claims a lick of paint will take care of anything.

Well a lick of paint won't take care of every problem but paint really can make a big difference in how something looks.


You know how there are certain things that you kind of walk by and don't notice for a while then then realize one day how horrible it looks. Well it was like that with this planter and wall by my front entry. The wall had a big crack and the paint had chipped off. Over our very hot summer the plants in the planter had died and I had taken them out and never replaced them. The succulents in the swan were still alive, but overgrown and scraggly.

The whole thing was a mess! And looked terrible.

I patched up the wall as best I could, pressure washed it, and added a fresh coat of exterior house paint.

Then shoveled all of the old soil out of the planter.

 New soil was added and Liriope was transplanted from another spot in the garden. It looks a little ragged now but I think it will perk up and fill out the spot nicely. Just for fun I added some little ceramic mushrooms. They were a bit lost in the garden beds and I like them gathered together.

The swan was filled with fresh potting soil and planted with a variety of  succulent cuttings.

This isn't a show stopper by any means but it does look fresh and clean. When the new plants start to grow it will make an even bigger difference.

In this case Mr O'Reilly was right, all it took was a lick of paint... and maybe a few other things.

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  1. I loved watching Fawlty Towers!
    A lick of paint is a great way to perk up something that is looking rather shabby...its usually quite an inexpensive fix too...and good for you to perk up that garden feature.

  2. A Lick Of Paint, huh? Looks fantastic. It really makes a big difference even though it's a small area.

  3. It looks really, really nice now. Yes, it is funny how many times we can walk by something and be so used to seeing it that we don't even notice it anymore. I'd say you did a great job there. It looks good!! xo Diana

  4. It looks very pretty. Isn't it something, how small changes can make such a big difference?

  5. It looks very pretty. Isn't it something, how small changes can make such a big difference?

  6. Adrienne, you are so wrong. You say it is not a showstopper but, as we all know, anything you do, eventually (if not right away in your mind) , turns into a great showstopper. Love those little mushrooms..Happy Sunday..Judy

  7. Adrianne, You did a nice job on the wall and the planter looks nice.

  8. I've missed so much wonderful-ness here Adrianne!!! I went back to read some of your posts and have come to the conclusion that nobody works as hard as you!!!! Certainly not me for sure! This is a beautiful transformation of your planter and swan and I love it!!!
    Thanks so much for your sweetest comment my friend!
    sending love....

  9. You dd a great job on your planter and swan. You always do such wonderful things to your home and garden and work so hard. Everything looks wonderful.



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