Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Un petit quelque chose ~

When I go to the gym I usually wear tank tops or tee shirts but for yoga I like something a little more interesting and a bit more fashionable; a looser and more flowing fit. I found this top by Olivia Moon which I love, it looks very ordinary but for some reason the fit and drape is very flattering and comfortable. I have been looking for another one, but so far I haven't found anything. So...
I got the brilliant idea to make a pattern from it and make one!

I found this silky knit which turned out to be perfect.

Knits are disgustingly easy to sew with and I am very happy with my new top, in fact I plan on wearing it to my yoga class this evening.

If you haven't ever tried yoga I highly recommend it: adaptable to any age and condition, keeps you flexible and strong, excellent for your posture, and is so relaxing.
Thank you for visiting!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Remembrance of summer ~

Is it possible to have too many dried Hydrangeas...I don't think so.
 This latest batch was cut rather late in the season, although I saw a few more tentative blooms on the bushes. I gathered them altogether in the old tin bucket; the little snail is just there for company.

I wanted to find a place out of the direct sun to put them during the drying process. Normally I would hang them, but they looked so pretty I wanted to be able to enjoy. I wandered the house and finally found this spot, in of all places one of the bathrooms...but it is rather an elegant bathroom and they seem quite at home there. So for now...

That's where they stay!

A lasting remembrance of summer.
Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a flower-filled day.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dinner al fresco ~

A few evenings ago I invited some very nice people over for dinner al fresco out on the newly rebuilt deck. This is the first time since the construction that I have been able to do this and I had almost forgotten what an enjoyable place it was to entertain: the weather was perfect and not a mosquito in sight.

 Earlier in the morning when I went to Trader Joe's for wine and other ingredients for the dinner I couldn't pass up this lovely bouquet...the colors were perfect!

For the entrĂ©e I prepared Chicken and Wild Mushrooms a recipe from the Barefoot Contessa's latest cookbook, she never disappoints ~ it was delicious, this photo really doesn't do it justice. I wish I could have taken one myself but I was too busy scurrying around the kitchen. You can find the recipe Here.

Google photo

Along with the Chicken I served a field green salad with home made croutons , Pommes Anna, and zucchini, picked fresh from the garden. For desert...strawberry shortcake. 

I think that everyone enjoyed it ~ I know that I did!
Thank you for visiting I hope you have a delicious day!
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Friday, August 9, 2013

A bit of this and that ~

I started out the day on my freshly painted front deck in the early morning sun.
I love the color, it used to be white so this is quite a change, my signature red, bright, cheerful and a color compliment to all of the greens in the garden.
 A new dress, I just finished last night, a bit bold but fun to wear and so easy-breezy in the waning days of summer. This pattern McCall's 6559 is super easy, made out of knit fabric it clings in all the right place and is very flattering.

Where to wear my new dress...why out to lunch at Julienne, a charming restaurant in San Marino, California.  Delicious alfresco dining made even better in the company of two delightful friends.
I had a roast beef sandwich, with arugula, blue cheese, and caramelized onions on toasted sour dough bread. YUM!

Google photo

A nice surprise the two books I ordered arrived. I checked these out from the library and they were so good that I decided to buy them. What Are You Looking At? is a guide through the world of modern art. In The Last best Cure the author chronicles her year long search for a healthier, better, life using a variety of natural techniques including yoga, meditation and exercise.

And also when I came home...
 look who I found on my bed waiting for me, almost indistinguishable, looking more like a furry  dust mop ~ Miss Twiggley of course. I don't even think she missed me!

All in all a splendid day...I hope yours was a good one too! 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Earthly delights ~

There are certain fruits and vegetable that appeal to me as much for their appearance as for their  taste and nutritional value, among these are eggplants, or aubergines as they are called in France, and figs.
Their is something so luscious and sensual about a fig. 

You only have to cut one open and taste the honeyed flesh to conjure up a wealth of imagined delights.

As for myself...these figs from a tree in the back garden will be used along with white wine and balsamic vinegar to form a sauce for braised pork chops ~ yum!
What is in your garden of earthly delights?