Friday, October 9, 2020

Fall decorating ~

This is my first attempt at putting up a blog post with the new Blogger format. So far it is going okay but I expect to run into some hurdles so I intend to keep it very succinct and hope I can manage to present something worth looking at.


Last week I spent some time decorating the house for the fall holidays, at first I questioned doing it at all because with social distancing I am the only one that's going to see it, I decided to go ahead, it was nice to continue on with a traditional activity. I am so glad that I did, just looking at the decorations has given me a lot of pleasure, a touchstone with the past, and hopefully a look to the future when life will be normal again.

Above, in the office is one of the ghosts. I  put them on several of the large mirrors throughout the house, it is amazing how something simple can be so much fun. I think this was originally a Martha Stewart idea. After Halloween I will take them all down and leave everything else until after Thanksgiving.

In the kitchen I once again filled a box with pumpkins, fall foliage, and hung a wreath in the window.

The living room mantle holds more pumpkins and lots of dried flowers and foliage, embellished with
   antique lace, ribbons and another little ghost.

The decorations in the kitchen cabinet are very similiar to what I have done before, it just seems to always work. I love this big jack-o-lantern, after Halloween I will turn him around and leave the whole vignette up for Thanksgiving.

Last of all, a dried floral arrangement in the living room and of course another little ghost.

I have no idea how this post is going to look when I press the publish button, I know that I have a lot more to learn about the new format but at least I have been able to share with you a bit of what has been happening here at Rose Arbors.

Take care
Stay well

and thank you for visiting.



  1. Every room is so lush and lovely, Adrienne. It has encouraged me to start decorating, too. As you say, decorate for yourself if you cannot have visitors. I live the idea of turning a Halloween jack o’lantern around so it is good through November. Thank you for sharing:)

    1. Thank you, I hope that you enjoy your decorations as much as I am with mine.

  2. Adrienne, whatever you did was just right. It looks beautiful and I think you have mastered the dreaded new blogger! I love all your decorations and those little ghosts just showing up willy nilly are too cute. I didn't do Halloween this year as the Cottage Witch is not going to show up. I'm glad you decorated because it is always a treat to see what you are doing. That is the prettiest mantel I have seen and someday I might be a copycat!..Stay well, my friend..xxoJudy

  3. It all looks beautiful, colorful and the ghosts add a lot of fun.
    We have to keep up the traditions of decorating - we cannot just stop, life must go on and get better.
    Wishing you well.
    Mary -

  4. Right you are. And, thank you for the nice comment. Yes, let's all hope that things will get better.

    Take care.

  5. Your post looks fabulous. Thank you for sharing your lovely home.

  6. I think you totally deserve to decorate "just" for you - and it makes you feel good, so there. Your post looks perfectly alright. I have been posting with the new blogger for a while now, the only thing I do't like is that the photos don't seem to be as big as they used to be which is a shame.

    1. I really can't tell, on my screen they seem to be the same but on Preview everything looks smaller??? Your pictures are always so lovely it would be a shame if they were making them smaller.


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