Thursday, August 27, 2020

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Following the advise of members in my gardening group, I cut back my Clematis in late spring after their first bloom. I could see the vines were growing again but was pleasantly surprised yesterday morning to see new flowers. With such hot weather I don't expect to see a lavish display but I am really enjoying those I have been blessed with. 

On the other hand, I have a very generous crop of pumpkins. I planted the seeds in the far back area of the garden, near the compost pile, they spread out in all directions and have really taken over. I planted two kinds of seeds, Cinderella pumpkins and the giant variety and have lots of both to share come later in autumn.

A friend who is a most gifted writer recently came up with the phrase, "Sloth Dressing" to describe what many people, limited to social interaction, stuck at home, all combined with the summer heat, are wearing right now. I thought it was a perfect description of my current at home apparel which is limited to comfort and ease - to me that is a dress, something I can wear both in the house and outside to water and maybe pull a few weeds in passing. The dress below is my answer, I have made this dress many, many times over the years and it fits my needs perfectly, it is not fashionable, elegant, or  flattering, but I really don't care on days I am at home alone with no one to see but Miss Twiggley and functionibility and freshness takes precedence. I like it so much that yesterday I went through my fabric stash and cut out another one to make.

Pampas grass can be a real garden thug, luckily I picked the perfect place to plant this one. It is a dwarf which makes it more manageable and because it is planted in a good spot hasn't given me anything but pleasure, especially this time of year when it blooms. I cut it back every year and the results have certainly been worth that bit of effort. If I can ever find another one I know exactly where I would put it...I might try making a division of this one and see what happens.

Below is the bouquet I made to share with my class on our Zoom meeting. The earlier lavish abundance of flowers in my garden has peaked but I was able to come up with some Dahlias, Roses, Lantana, Ruillia, and Salvia. I look forward to the cooler weather of fall when I will have more to choose from.

Sometimes I think it is rather silly of me to be posting about gardens, dresses, and bouquets when so much is happening around us right now, but we all need some diversion just because it is all so over whelming. I long for the days when this will be past us.

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  1. My gosh you can wear that dress almost everywhere. Its really pretty. Dont forget to show us your new one.
    I love your garden posts. I always enjoy your posts.

    1. Thank you. It really is very comfortable...and so cool in this hot weather.

  2. Hi Adrienne. Love that darling dress and it looks so cute on you. You don't want to know what I wear around the house, when I bother to get dressed that is!!.Stay well..xxoJudy

  3. Thank you, it seems that recent events have caused fashion to fly out the window. LOL

  4. I love your dress and your garden is as pretty as ever! Now than I'm not working, maybe I can work more in the yard. You really inspire me.

  5. I always enjoy reading about gardening and see the photos of your lovely garden - it is not silly at all. I like your dress, it looks very comfortable. I love to wear dresses, I get mine (like most of my clothing) from the Swedish company Gudrun Sjöden. I have bought their clothes since the 90's - they are timeless, colorful with sometimes daring patterns and the quality is excellent.
    Like you I cut back my clematis after the first bloom and am enjoying some new blooms right now. It is lovely!

  6. Thank you for the tip, I am definitely going to check out this clothing line.

  7. It's absolutely essential to surround ourselves with pretty things, especially at this time,to have moments of lightness,and so gain strength to face what still awaits us, Love your garden Adrienne , Bonjour de France


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