Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winter and Spring Annuals

Here in Southern California it is time to plant for winter and early spring color. I am rather excited about it this year because I have been doing lots of garden editing...a nice term for digging out plants you deem unsuitable, or overgrown, or just plain too much work...and this has left me with several areas within the borders to plant annuals. Because my garden has been so intensely planted I haven't had the space to do this in a while. So, I must admit that I have gone a little overboard, and I really haven't finished yet.

So far I have purchased some the fragrance...several dozen Iceland Poppies, Calendulas, and a few dozen Snapdragons.

And, of course some Daffodils...who can be without daffodils

You also see I have several little succulents to add as accents, courtesy of the local Dollar Store.

I still have many more plants to put in, amongst them will be Pansies, Feverfew, Foxgloves, Stock, Primroses. and lots of Nasturtium and larkspur seeds. And you never can tell perhaps something else just might find it's way here.

I realize that many of you live in areas that preclude planting this time of year and in many ways I envy your winter downtime. Here, gardening is a year round necessity and sometimes I think how nice it would be to have a little down time to relax and enjoy reading seed catalogues!

Thank you for visiting me and wherever you live...happy gardening!


  1. When we moved to the coast I was shocked to learn that weeds grew all year round - it wasn't just all roses and spring bulbs!....the garden was a LOT of work!

  2. Hello Adrienne:
    It does indeed seem very strange to us to be planting out now when we were always so used to putting the garden 'to bed' so to speak at this time of year. We love your images and, even more so, your autumnal header picture.

  3. It will be fun to dream of new plantings while touring your year-round gardens. We've been told to have our snow shovels ready in November.

  4. Adrienne also I love plants and flowers .....
    in every month of the year!
    Your post has colored my day:)
    This year I'm late with the plants in my garden ....
    Happy girdinaggio ....
    It 's always a pleasure to visit you:)

  5. Your photos are always fabulous, Adrienne! Our winter gardens are usually pretty bleak and covered with snow.

  6. Bom trabalho! As plantas trazem-nos sempre um grande bem estar, conforto e alegria.

  7. What lovely plants you've chosen to plant in your new space. I find it interesting that you have no down time in the garden but on the plus side you must have blooms all year round which is a bonus!
    I'd love to be able to walk out in the middle of the winter and pick a garden fresh bouquet instead of buying one at the flower shop.
    Good idea using the wagon to transport the newbies to their new home!

  8. It would be foolish of me to suggest a rock garden I guess.

  9. I love your pictures and the plants you've chosen. My garden will be covered with snow soon and it will be a long time before I see my flowers again.
    I am following you now so I can come back and see your garden often.

  10. Every climate has its ups and downs I suppose. I would prefer to have nice, mild weather all year long. You chose lots of pretty plants and flowers to decorate with! Can't wait to see photos after they're in the ground and thriving. :)

  11. As much as I enjoy gardening...I agree with you about the down time...gardening never stops here...I am planting all my saved seeds form last years annuals and snap dragons...yes...I need some of those! Thanks for your inspiration and beautiful pictures!!

  12. Im in awe of how gorgeous your photo's are - they look so dreamy! All the garden flowers are looking gorgeous! Did you see my post about missing my gardens? It's great to see yours alive and well - brings a little cheer to my day! Thanks for sharing over at Fishtail Cottage's party this post! hugs.

  13. That just seems so odd to me to be planting things right now. Of course, I would love to live someplace where I could enjoy my garden year round rather than have snow. I'll have to enjoy sights from your garden instead :)

  14. Hello Adrienne! So sweet of you to visit me! Yes, our dog is a king charles cavalier spaniel and we just love him to pieces! He is 6 years old and has been the best family dog we could ask for. I highly recommend the breed!

    I sure love your new Fall blog header! It's beautiful! And your garden is going to be so gorgeous with all of your new plantings! My mom just brought me 80 tulip bulbs to plant so I'll be busy in the garden this next week long as it doesn't rain!

    Best wishes and blessings,

  15. You have your work cut out for you! Such sweet photos with the plants in a wagon! How beautiful all of this will be in a few months!

  16. Hi was so nice to read your comment about my copper boiler. Lucky you to have the lid for yours. The people my husband purchased mine from did not have the lid (sigh). I have seen the lids tho and would love to have had one. I love to garden too and my wish would have been to put two large chrysanthemum plants in my boiler but we are already in heavy frost here in Canada where we live so that is out of the question until next year. I can just see the plants flowing over the top of the boiler. I would, of course, put the pots in the boiler, vs. planting directly in it, so you can change things out. I have joined your followers list and would love to have you join me as well. Hugs, Gayle

  17. Cara adrienne con il tuo post hai portato una ventata di primavera in questo autunno italiano...Ciao cara

  18. Yes I do remember when we lived in So. Cal., it would be 70 degrees on Christmas day. I got my daffodils in the ground just in time this year, the very next weekend we got the freezing temps- and snow is expected by the end of the week. :-)

  19. I adore the plants you've chosen and your beautiful photography. Everything you do is always so sweet and thoughtful!

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post with Potpourri Friday.

  20. I love Alyssum as well, the fragrance is so beautiful. You got some beautiful plants there, Iceland poppies belong to my favorites and calendula is such a reliable winter bloomer. I love all of these - will we see pictures with the end result, i.e. the planted flowerbeds?

  21. How lovely! I fixed your link to the party. it wasn't working and I reapplied it without the http://. Thank you for joining the Home Sweet Home party!


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