Monday, January 23, 2012

The Unexpected Gift

A while ago I posted a book review on Shanghai Girl's, written by Lisa See, one of my favorite authors. This post however really isn't about the book, but about a wonderful and most thoughtful gift from a friend...

...this past week we met for lunch, because of prior involvements and the intervening holidays it took us a while to get together. She had mentioned earlier that she had something to give me.

...and what she had turned out to be  very special and very thoughtful. She had been able to attend one of Lisa See's book signings. Before she went, she downloaded a hard copy of my post, took it with her to the event, and had it signed for me.

Such  a thoughtful gift,  from a special friend. Thank you Fran.


As I said before this really isn't a book review, but I highly recommend this book and the sequel: Dreams of Joy, which I just finished reading ~ they are both wonderful!

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have an unexpected gift in your day.


  1. This is a truly thoughtful gift!

  2. Beautiful gift. Your photography is gorgeous, Adrienne!

  3. Friends are the best!!!

  4. How sweet! What a truly thoughtful gift.

    I will have to look for this book at the library. Thank you for the recommendation.

  5. What a nice thought from a lovely friend.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Hello Adrienne:
    What an unexpected joy! Such a thoughtful and highly original gift from your friend. Clearly she knows you well. This will be something for you to treasure for ever and brings together two wonderful things, a marvellous friend and a good book. Perfect!!

  7. What a wonderful gift from a special friend.

  8. A very thoughtful gift! I will have to look for the book now.


  9. What a special treasure and a thoughtful friend. :)

  10. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift AND friend, Adrienne, and your photography captured it all perfectly. Thank you for sharing this uplifting event in your life. ~Zuni

  11. What a lovely, lovely thoughtful gift! You are a lucky girl to have such a gorgeous friend!! Or maybe SHE'S lucky to have a friend like YOU!! Or both! I'm rambling now - sorry!

    I love your blog - I've signed up to follow you! It feels so warm and uplifting - thank you!


  12. we all need more great friends like yours.
    I haven't been over for a while , I missplaced you LOL so glad I found your blog again so will visit more


  13. Unexpected and very special. How sweet of your friend, and how nice of Lisa See. I have to look at the library for this book.

  14. what an awesome gift - so thoughtful! hope you are well...

  15. Hi Adrienne,

    This is truly a thoughtful and sweet gift from your dear friend. So very kind of her to do such a thing for you! Genuine friendship like that is the best! :) Thanks for the book suggestion - I will have to check it out sometime. Have a great night!


  16. A very thoughtful gift, Adrienne! How special to have that from a favorite author. Shanghai during the 20s and 30s was fascinating. I'll definitely look into the books.

  17. What a very special gift indeed, Adrianne. I love Lisa See's work as well. I've not read the sequel, but will follow your recommendation. What a thoughtful and loving friend who knows you well.
    Big hugs,

  18. What a special gift! I have not read any of her work but will defnitely check them out - thank you.


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