Friday, September 14, 2012

Grow ~

When I put this sign in the garden I didn't realize that it would have such a good effect.

But it seems that these Black-eyed Susans really took the hint.

They have been so abundant...growing amongst the Gauras.

And in at the end of a very, very hot summer they are adding a welcome bit of color to my otherwise scorched garden. Oh, how wonderful it would be to have some rain!

Meanwhile I will be happy enjoying this wonderful performance...and next year I will definitely add more.

I also think I should try to find a few more of these signs! Grow indeed.

Thank you for visiting. I hope that you have some 'grow power' in your garden.

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  1. Hello Adrienne:
    Your jolly yellow flowers are really bringing the borders to life! They must like your garden conditions, so, yes, plant more!

    Gaura is a favourite of ours. We love its willowy habit and the way in which it catches every breeze. Such delicate beauty.

    Happy weekend!

  2. that sign is adorable... headed to visit the girls in Sunnyvale. Steph is out from Wash DC. Taking Mom with me. She needed a break from your HOT weather. Thankfully your yellow flowers hung in there!

  3. Delightful sign. It's a perfect additional to your lavish beds.

  4. I love those pretty yellow daisies - so they are so simple and fresh!


  5. There is something so cheerful about a yellow daisy.
    I walk past a garden that has multiple plantings of these interspersed with some purple blooms and it makes such a pretty picture.
    I love how you've captured these images they look very dreamlike.

  6. Grow they did!! They must be very happy there, especially with the encouragement.Thanks for visiting me and commenting on my table--so nice to hear from you after my hiatus. ~Zuni

  7. Oh my, how pretty! They really took off, didn't they? I used to have a ton of those up at the lake...until the deer ate them all :)

  8. Very Nice Colours for fall, I think you gave them inspiration for growing!

  9. I just love your photos and the sign. Black-eyed susans always bring a smile to my face. They are so pretty!

  10. Beautiful photos of such vibrant blooms! Rain would be very welcomed here as well.


  11. What cheerful glowing yellow flowers! I just love how they grow right through your sign.

  12. I think black eyed Susan got your message, and if they behave like mine, they will continue to do so!

  13. Wonderful Rudbeckia - they are such happy flowers! I have some in my yard as well, and I hope they'll multiply...

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