Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Huntress ~

 The garden has been host to a family of Blue Jays this spring. They built a nest in a climbing rose just steps from the back door. They are fearless and very protective of their nestlings, dive bombing me if I dare to walk too close.
Miss Twiggley doesn't know about this, what she does know is that these very entertaining creatures are providing her with a great deal of entertainment. She follows their activities from every available window sometimes running through the house...this morning she was in rapt attention while they fluttered about in the big fig tree outside the kitchen. Every once in a while flicking her tail like the huntress that she would like to be!
Sorry Miss Twiggley you will have to be happy with your basket of toys and tinned food. 
Thank you for visiting. Miss Twiggley says, "Meow".


  1. Miss Twiggley is a beautiful cat. They love to sit and watch the birds don't they. She has the most beautiful face, I know she is a joy to you.
    Have a great week

  2. I've never seen Miss Twiggley's backside. She's so beautiful. Our two cats stare longingly out our sunroom slider and screened windows at our backyard activities. They have to be happy with the smells only. I think the birds enjoy teasing them on our deck.

  3. Miss Twiggley is gorgeous! She's grown up so fast and she is amazing! I can just 'see' her chasing those birds from window to window and I can almost hear her chattering at them.

  4. ils sont toujours attirés vers les fenêtres
    c'est leur écrans télé
    c'est des curieux ::
    un très beau chat même vu de dos !
    bonne journée
    edith(iris) France

  5. Miss Twiggley is so adorable!


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