Thursday, October 23, 2014

Two for one decorating ~

I have been busy painting the guest room. I love the paint color that I selected; it looks wonderful with the new drapery fabric. The walls and ceiling are now done and I am starting the woodwork.


I decided to take a little time to finish decorating for the up-coming holidays

I love decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving, it's so easy and usually, with minor changes I can use the same things for both. 

In one of my kitchen cabinets this year I decided to display my Franciscian Apple dishes, they had been languishing in a cupboard and deserved to be used. Perfect I think for this time of year.

My daughter gave me this wonderful Jack-o-Lantern, after Halloween I just turn him around. Voila, with a little turkey added this vignette will be perfect for Thanksgiving.

Two for one...easy as can be! just where did I store the turkeys?

Happy Halloween!

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  1. That exactly what I do, turn the pumpkins around and take out the black ones, spiders and old black crows and I have Thanksgiving. Your dishes look really good in the hutch. They were my very first set of dishes when I was married in 1957. Of course, they are long gone, but I did love them.
    Your vignette looks really good. Have a wonderful Fall weekend.

  2. Beautiful Franciscan Apple dishes! I have always admired them since I was first introduced to them. Wish I had started collecting them years ago.
    What a great idea about turning the Jack-O-Lanterns around for Thanksgiving decor.
    Lovely vignette and love the lace edge on shelf.


  3. I haven't seen that set of Franciscan Apple dishes for some time. I had an older friend who choose those for her wedding china first time I ever seen that set 1961. They look great in your cabinet

  4. Love the dishes too. They always look fresh. Can't believe all the pieces they make of it.

  5. I do the same turn the pumpkins around and I put Thanksgiving decoration out, first I put Fall decoration en them Halloween on the Nov 1 Thanksgiving decoration, I love to enjoy each Holiday on there on time.
    all your vignette are so lovely they are beautiful plate
    Happy Fall and Halloweens!!!!

  6. Your apple dishes are beautiful! Love the decorations. I do the same thing with the jack-o-lantern ~ just turn him around for Thanksgiving!
    Happy Halloween!


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