Saturday, February 21, 2015

Orphan furniture ~

Every once in a while when I am out walking or driving, I come across a 
 piece of furniture that someone has put out at the curb with the trash. I call this, orphan furniture.
I don't always bring it home, but some times it is too good to pass up.

Such as with this chair.

It is an orphan and a very pathetic one, I came across it a few days ago. You can see the stuffing and springs falling out of the bottom and it is badly in need of refinishing. Sadly the needlepoint upholstery like the rest of the chair has been allowed to deteriorate. I think it will impossible to restore it but, depending on how hard it is to remove I just might try to have it dry cleaned and put back on.

 The construction is still solid and after
 stripping, refinishing, and reupholstering I think it will once again be a very attractive chair; it has classic lines and lovely carved details.

I really like finding furniture orphans, they seem to have more character and charm. The chair below was one... 

as so was this chair...

and this chair, which is featured in my header.

When I was a child I was always bringing home stray dogs, now I seem to be bringing home stray furniture. 

When this is completely refurbished I will share the results with you. Wish me luck because it is 
going to be a lot of work, but I definitively think it's worth it...poor little chair.

Have you rescued any furniture orphans lately?

Thank you for visiting.


  1. You're so lucky to have happened upon this stray. If the material isn't enough saved to fully recover it, perhaps you could make a little pillow to use with the chair.

  2. I love finding furniture on the boulevards. It amazes me that people discard furniture that can be restored...but I am grateful that I have found a few of these pieces over the years.

  3. I was born doing that. Sometimes when we needed furniture my parents would drive through the alleys of the rich people on trash days. They would throw out everything. We got so many nice lamps and chairs from those days. Today most people give things to charities or have yardsales. Once in awhile I will see something on the curb and get it. All your pieces are so pretty and can't wait to see the new chair.

  4. It's a beautiful chair! I would have rescued it too! You have done a fabulous job on all the other chairs, and I know this one will be on exception! Can't wait to see it!

  5. They all are beautiful chairs. I recently rescued one...I still have work to do on it. Good luck to you.

  6. Seems you share my obsession with chairs! I find it very hard to turn them away -- kind of like sending a stray animal away to starve.

  7. It has wonderful potential, and you are definitely the one to bring it into the light! I have a number of orphans here - I love how you put it. Somehow it's more fun to bring an old piece back to life than to simply waltz into a shop and pick a new one.

  8. Hello Adrienne,

    Well, you have certainly worked your magic with quite a few orphans in your time. And, the results are stunning.

    Your new stray has all the promise of being a most attractive chair. The detailing looks interesting and it has a pretty shape. With your attention to detail and clever use of the right choice of upholstery, this will surely be a Phoenix which will rise from the ashes!

  9. It is a lovely chair and I think it would be beautiful when it's restored. It has wonderful lines and I know you can make her shine again.

  10. Adrienne, that is a beautiful chair. My grandmother used to have a saying about orphans, people not furniture, but it went like this, Poor little thing. It only has one mother and one father! When I hear the word orphan I always think of that. What a find and do you follow Miss Mustard Seed? She is doing a tutorial series about refinishing and reupholstering a french chair very similar to yours. She makes it sound and look pretty easy. With your skills I bet you could do it. I am looking out for a chair like that..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  11. What you do with these little orphans is art dear Adrienne! I love the newest one you have brought home to beautify and enjoy with the others. I LOVE it's lines---so pretty! I sure wish I could find such a beauty!

    I was the same with strays and still am. Because of where I live, we get a lot of stray cats and kittens and I can't help but adopt and feed them. Some stay and some do not. The ones I can catch, I take to the vet to be neutered.
    Have a great day sweetie!


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