Sunday, June 14, 2015

Humble and lovely ~

When I went out walking this morning I happened to glance through one of the front gates and caught this view.

What I liked about it the best was the profusion of Ground Morning Glories, or Convulvulus mauritanicus scampering across the gravel path. I have grown to love this plant for several's ease of care, low water needs, the way it creeps, softening edges, and of course the beauty of it's flowers.

I think of it as one of the 'humble plants', often overlooked because it is so easy, and for some reason gardeners seem to be drawn to plants that are difficult. Maybe it is the challenge. I know I used to be that way, but now I prefer my garden plants to be those that will have a better chance of flourishing. in our climate.

Quite, quite, lovely I think and so bounteous in its bloom, starting in early spring and continuing through the hot summer months.

What else can one ask for.

I hope your week is a happy one.


  1. Beautiful garden and I never seem to want to get that plant. I will have to re-think that. Hope your garden is surviving the drought. My hydrangeas are not doing well at all and I" am afraid that I am going to loose a couple of them.
    Have a great week, it's going to start warming up. I have enjoyed the June Gloom.

  2. Sigh...such a pretty view. Enjoy your week ahead! PS. I wish I could give you some of our constant June rain.

  3. Your path is 'path perfection' Adrienne! The view through the gate you captured makes it look like a magic garden! I also love how your drapes for your guest room turned out---gorgeous!!! That room is so warm and inviting, that I can imagine you have guests begging to stay with you :))) It's just so lovely!
    sending hugs...

  4. Such a pretty view! Once I find a plant works in a given situation I stick with it. I think you are wise to go with what works and is drought tolerant.

  5. So pretty Adrienne. I love just how unplanned it looks and all the flowers go together so well. A good combination for the dry time we are having..Happy Wednesday..Judy


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