Saturday, July 4, 2015

Chasing the drought ~

Living with a drought is quite a challenge. 

Many of the lawns in my community are like the one below, sadder still is the loss of so many trees, people stop watering their lawns and don't seem to realize that trees still need water.  Mature trees can take decades to replace and are so much more important than a lawn.

  This summer my life seems to revolve around the water meter. I always knew where it was and how to turn it off if necessary but now I. I keep track on a daily basis to see how much water I have used and how many CCFs I have left to last until the next billing period.

I use buckets in the bathroom and kitchen to collect the gray water which then is carried out...

to watering cans on the deck to be dispersed later.

I am not surprised by the amount of water that is wasted waiting for a shower to warm, but I am surprised by how much is used  in food preparation, washing dishes and cleaning up.

I also hooked up a hose to capture all the grey water from my washing machine, it is a front loading machine and very water efficient so there isn't as much as one would think. Still it all helps.

And, my number one helper and the most valuable thing I ever did, was to install drip systems throughout the whole garden. I use microsprinklers, individual emitters, and drip hoses, all operated by battery timers. Without this system keeping my garden through these conditions would be dire.

The mandatory reduction throughout California is 24%, so far I am at a 40% reduction but the hottest weather is yet to come.

I am going to be very happy when the summer is at an end and cooler weather arrives...and maybe, maybe, this winter we will have rain!

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  1. WOW, and today is like the first day is two weeks that it hasn't rained here in central Ohio. We've had so much rain that we've had mushrooms and mold popping up all over the garden and lawn - how I wish I could give you some water and some of my humid heat, and you could give me fairer temps and some of your drought.

    Hang in there. I am praying for some rain for you.

  2. I see that we are doing the same things - I'm saving all the grey water that I can and even washing colors with whites. I also have a 5 gallon watering can in the shower to catch the cold water until it gets hot. All of this is so much extra work. I only water my lawn the two times that we are allotted but it still seems to stay green. It could die for all I can.
    Hopefully we won't have a real HOT summer.
    Can't sleep due to all the Fireworks. They are driving the dogs and me crazy.
    Have a great week.

  3. How awful to have to live like this. It's so easy to take our daily routine life for granted. I'm hoping you get rain soon!

  4. I'm sure you are tired of hearing from us in the states that are getting all your rain. But, that rain is really causing problems for some. Our local lake's damn has overflowed the spillway twice so far and almost did it again just a week ago. Wish we could send some your way.


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