Thursday, August 13, 2015

Old, new again ~

Two years ago I had my back deck renovated. My first choice would to have been to remove it entirely, but the house was designed around a deck and try as I might I couldn't think of a way to eliminate it was rebuilt. All this was done as efficiently and economically as possible. That is how you do things in a very old house that faces certain demolition when it is next sold.

All of the supports were replaced with new wood but by turning over the redwood planks on the decking we were able to reuse most of them, which was a huge saving. Not perfect but definitely passable.

Then I had to decide which type of finish and sealer to put on it. It had been painted before and the upkeep on that was enormous. After a lot of research I ended up using Arbor Coat, a Benjamin Moore product and it has really worked out well. I would highly recommend it.

But, after two years of hot, hot sun it was looking a little worn and needed a maintenance coat. So last week it was power washed (this surprisingly used less water than a regular hose), scrubbed down, re-stained in a few places and a new coat of sealer was applied.

New again! 
Well...old new again. I think it is good to go for another two years...

and very ready for some al fresco dining!

I hope you have a lovely weekend. The next few days here are going to be very hot. Fall is sounding better and better.


  1. Oh how I would enjoy dining outdoors in your beautiful deck area! I hope you go over to tablescape thursday and share that awesome summertime table! You've done a beautiful job on your renovation to the deck.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Your home looks so charming and inviting...
    I'd love to be a guest for a meal and sit on your deck and gaze out upon your lush garden.
    You can see how much TLC you put into your home and could be on a house and garden tour or in a magazine...House Beautiful!

  3. You really did a wonderful job of staining your deck - really looks so good. Glad you got it finished before all this HOT weather started. It's really going to heat up around here.
    You have a beautiful home and take such god care of it.
    Stay cool and have a great weekend.

  4. Your deck looks amazing! Your header photo is just beautiful. Is this in your home? You have a charming home!!

    1. The photo in my header was taken in my media/library, this window ledge is a great place to display things...that is, if Miss Twiggley leaves them alone!

  5. What a beautiful deck! I love redwood, and yes, it can really go a long way. Unfortunately we don't have a deck but a patio, and I love to eat outside whenever possible.

  6. Adrienne - it looks just perfect with the refresher - amazing what a little paint or stain can do. I need to get mine done also but it's been just to hot and buggy out there this Summer - everything in the garden has been put on hold. Come Fall, with cooler days and the mosquitoes gone after the first frost, perhaps I'll have some energy again.

    Have a wonderful weekend dining al fresco.

    Hugs - Mary

  7. Great job on the deck!!! Your hard work paid's so inviting and welcoming! It would be so hard not to dine outdoors on a daily basis!!!

  8. Beautiful and I'm sure it will be divine on those milder fall evenings. Well done ! xx

  9. Such a beautiful deck. I'd definitely want to eat out there as much as possible. You work so hard on your home and it shows.

  10. Adrienne, you have a beautiful home. The deck looks perfect for the cooler weather yet to come. We hope!..Happy Tuesday..Judy


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