Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A holiday table ~

One of the things I enjoy about the holidays is that it gives me an wonderful opportunity to entertain...twinkling lights, decorations and Christmas music all seem to add magic to an evening.

When I had guests in a few evening ago I really wanted the table to look like Christmas, so I combined traditional red and green Christmas colors with gold accents: pierced Portuguese dinner plates, green majolica salad plates, gold chargers and antique pressed glass bread plates. The crystal is Country Garden from Miller Rogaska. 

The center piece is made up of pine and eucalyptus cuttings and floral picks on a mirrored tray.Very easy. The votive candle pillars were purchased from Bombay Company. I collect crystal candlesticks and these have a lovely simplicity.

I made the tapestry place mats, I always mean to make some others but so far I haven't gotten around to it...some time in the future perhaps.

The napkins have been folded in my standard fold. One of my first blog posts was a tutorial on this fold, I probably should re-post it because it adds a nice touch to a table and is so easy to do.

I took these pictures in the afternoon, it looked quite romantic and lovely that night in the soft candle light by then I was far too busy acting as hostess to stop and take photos.

 But no matter how nice the table looks it is the people around it that are the most important.

Thank you for visiting

~ Happy Holidays ~


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  3. What a beautiful tablescape. Everything is so elegant. I love to entertain during the holidays with all the festive decorations.
    Have a wonderful Holiday.

  4. I would so have liked to be one of your guests and to have experienced
    Christmas at your table with you...

    liked to have been one of your guests and exprence

  5. Such a pretty table!
    I would have loved to be sitting there beside you chatting and sharing your company...I am sure that your guests felt very spoiled!

  6. What a pretty table. The lace-edged napkins are so lovely in that intricate fold. Yes, daylight is best for pictures and things get too busy during the event for photos.


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