Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Early signs of spring ~

This morning when I went out to walk the sun had just come up and cast a glow that allowed the garden to be in perfect light. That kind of light that makes everything look good...even weeds. I stopped, went back inside for my camera and took this picture.
Although it is very early, I am beginning to see signs of spring. Some of my vintage roses are starting to bloom along with the daffodils, iris and alstroemerias. The clematis are sending out tendrils and I can see tips of  Oriental lilies just breaking through the soil.

Back garden taken from the deck

The little weeping cherry tree your can see here, a baby at two years, is just setting blooms and the trees in the crab apple allĂ©e are covered with buds. Even though we haven't as yet gotten the full force of El Nino the rain we have gotten has made a difference.

It is days like this that make gardening worth all of the work, bother, and frustration. And, hopefully more rain will come. Keep your fingers crossed!

Thank you for visiting. 
I hope that you day started out as lovely as mine.


  1. Your garden is so beautiful. I am hoping to have one at our next and last home in a few years.

  2. So lovely! I cannot wait for spring!!!!!!!!!

  3. I see what you mean about the light. The photo just glows!
    You are that much ahead of us. No rose buds yet, but lots of other action in the beds I see on my walks. Your garden is so beautiful!

  4. Lovely garden, thought it was a painting until I read your post. Enjoy your day. Jeannie

  5. Your garden is beautiful. I, also like to go out early and look at the garden and have coffee on the patio. My garden is saying Spring also.

    Thanks for sharing your stunning garden with us. Did you get to see the Snow Moon on Monday night? it was spectacular. We were on our way back from Kick USC Hospital when i spotted it - i thought it was a Blood Moon, but no they called it a Snow Moon.

    Have a great rest of the week,


  6. What a beautiful view of your garden! When I'm not working I like to go out early, otherwise, I go out when I get home (if the weather cooperates). Now that it's staying lighter longer, I poke around and see what's happening. It's slowly waking up - behind yours, for certain.

  7. Your garden is already so beautiful! Such an exciting time of year when eveyrything comes alive again. You have such a lovely place to enjoy it.

  8. A gorgeous photo! Spring is almost completely here already, but I do hope for a small relapse and a bit more winter for us :-)

  9. How beautiful! And how wonderful to be able to walk out and see blooms this early in the year (well, it's early for me ~ nothing blooms here until June).


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