Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A summer project ~

I have always enjoyed my living room but in the past few years it has become very dated.The vintage Laura Ashley floral wallpaper is still quite lovely but way too busy for what is happened in interiors today. I didn't really realize what a muddle it all was until I took this picture.
The whole space needs to be uncluttered, simplified, and lightened up.

At first I was just going to strip off the existing wallpaper and paint the walls but the curved ceiling, one of the best features of the room, is best set off with a bit of pattern. Instead I choose the cream striped wallpaper  you see below. The fabric will be used for the new drapes. My plan is for a soft, subtle and more elegant room, with a lot less clutter.

All of the furniture including the settee below (which needs some explanation) will be reupholstered with fabrics in various shades and textures of cream. Raspberry will be my accent color.

And now for what might possibly end up being a good choice or a major mistake.

This french settee was my Mother's pride. I will never forget her delight on the day many years ago when it was delivered. I am planning on using it in the living room. This might be a huge error on my part but I think I can tone it down by adding a long, soft cushion; using a casual linen fabric to upholster it in, and doing away with all of the elaborate tucking.

A few days ago I ordered the wallpaper, when it comes I can start picking out paint colors and dismantling the room. It will be a lot of work and will take quite a while but I think it will be worth the effort. I will keep you up to date on the progress.

At least I will have something to do this summer when it is too hot to work outside in the garden and if everything goes really well it might be finished for the holidays.

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  1. I would love that long sofa at a table. The tufting is perfect still and the color is lovely. No wonder your mother was so happy to have it!

  2. Glad that you like it. The upholstery fabric is in perfect shape but I think it will stand a better chance of fitting in the room with a few of the tweeks I mentioned. she would be thrilled to know I was using it...that is the main reason I hope it will work.

  3. Your current room is very cozy and pretty - but I can understand the desire to freshen it up. I think the idea of streamlining the tufting on the settee and adding a long linen cushion is a great way to add a bit of modernity to the lovely lines. Looking forward to seeing the progress along the way.

  4. It is true that we can live with things for a long time before we recognize the need for a change...our bedroom is a perfect example of that and our wallpaper is very much like your Laura Ashley print.
    Your room has an elegance feel to it...and I must say that I am impressed that you are going to reupholster the settee...look forward to seeing your new space!

  5. I think that your plan for the settee is spot on, as I have seen this in Belgium and in Denmark, where people live with furniture from many generations. The new wallpaper is lovely and will set off the curve perfectly. Is the new fabric also Laura Ashley? I love it!

  6. Your settee is stunning and I would never get rid of it either. All of your plans sound beautiful and I can hardly wait to see it all put together. I know you will love it.
    I love wallpaper and it will set -off the room.

    Did you get a chance to go to the Mary Lou Heard's Garden Tours? I went on Saturday and the gardens we toured were stunning. We only went the one day and were able to see 6 gardens. Stop by my latest post and see the gardens we went to.

    Happy Mothers Day - enjoy your day. Maybe some rain tomorrow - we really need it.


  7. Adrienne, I just love your home. I have always thought that your flowery chintz fabrics and wallpaper put off such a elegant and feminine vibe, which is something I really love. It has always been a thing of beauty to see in your photographs, but I can totally agree with you as to the way decor is moving towards a more streamlined manner and even though we don't want to be 'trendy' we still want to keep up with the times. I know you have such a great eye and you will make the room even lovelier than before and hopefully, you are not like me in that I have my mind set that I need to unclutter things but before it is all said and done, I have put back most of what I thought I wanted to do away with..Have a wonderful week..Judy P.S. I have the little parlor set in my parlor and when we had it reupholstered I put a skirt around the bottom. The guy thought I was crazy but I think it makes it look a little lighter and not so fussy..

  8. I think the settee will fit right in, especially after all the changes you are planning. I can understand your wish for simplifying and decluttering. I love that you chose raspberry as an accent color - it will be stunning!


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