Saturday, June 11, 2016

Potager ~

In a far back corner of the garden I have a small potager. It is basically comprised of two 4X8 feet raised beds which I made of recycled concrete blocks.

For the past couple of summers because of the drought I haven't planted any vegetables here and it had really gotten to look sad. Here it is earlier this spring, weedy, neglected, and in need of attention.

If nothing else I decided to clean it up, get the poor scarecrow new outfit and maybe plant a couple of tomatoes.

Six weeks later and here is the result of the few changes I made...

First of all Mr Scarecrow got a new outfit.


 I ended up planting tomatoes, squash and bush beans. I added a one cup mixture I had read about on line, of Epson salts, bone meal and sugar to each tomato plant, it is supposed to make them more productive with sweeter tomatoes. I thought it would be fun to experiment. I mulched the beds with straw to help retain moisture and deter weeds.

  It is now a few week later and I have already been eating some of the squash.  The tomato plants are covered with little fruit but is it will be a week or so before any of them are ready to pick. It's nice to have my little potager up and functioning again.

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  1. Looks like a great potager garden and I love that you have a scarecrow!
    Does it help keep the marauding birds away?
    We have tomatoes growing in our green house and they are a few weeks away as looking forward to sampling them right from the vine!

  2. Your potager looks both pretty and productive - a winning combination!

  3. Your potager looks wonderful and soon you will be eating those wonderful tomatoes. Don't they taste the very best - not like in the stores.

    Have a great week and maybe we will have some sun - I have a lot of tomatoes, but not ripe yet.


  4. It looks like the recipe for the tomatoes might be working. The plants sure look healthy and green. I didn't plant any tomatoes this year. The naughty squirrels in our yard only let me have one of the tomatoes that grew last year. They carried off all of the others, or chewed on them and left them. They left one of the half chewed tomatoes on my garden bench as a special little gift for me.

  5. Love your home made scarecrow.

  6. Now this is a lovely potager! It's not neglected anymore :) I also adore the new duds your scarecrow is wearing!
    big hugs from me...

  7. your garden is lovely, but really am in love with your scarecrow. Would you mind showing him close up sometime? It looks like a wonderful idea using the planter for his base. I'm charmed!

  8. Your garden is wonderful! Love what you've done with it and I'd like to know if the formula makes a difference in your tomatoes. It's worth a try.


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