Friday, October 21, 2016

Best laid plans ~

In the beginning phase of planning the redecoration of my living room I found the fabric you see below for the drapes and  thought it would tie in well with the wallpaper I was using. that the painting is completed and the wallpaper is up I have had a change in direction. This fabric in very pretty and I will eventually use it in another room, perhaps my bedroom, but I decided it just wasn't right for the living room.  

I thought I needed something with a bit more of a wow factor, so I set off on a search for a different fabric.

This is the result
My first option was this charming print, but when I got the sample the background was too dark and didn't tie in with the wallpaper. 

Waverly Sanctuary Rose Linen:

This one has a gorgeous 'gently worn' look which I like and the color was okay but it didn't offer me the range of colors that I might like to use as accents in the room. 

Richloom Queen Tearose:

Next there was this Waverly stand-by, nice. but really two dimensional in it's color range.

Waverly Norfolk Rose Fabric:

Then I found this. I ordered a one yard sample and crossed my fingers that it would turn out to be exactly what I wanted.

Covington Belle Fleur Tea Rose Fabric:

And it was.

 It completely matches the wallpaper in color and the range of pinks and raspberry will allow me to use some of the furniture I already have without the cost of reupholstering.

 With the exception of two raspberry checked bergere chairs that I will be using this will be the only print in the room, so I think the boldness of it will work. I can just image a velvet throw pillow across the room on a cream colored chair in that wonderful dark, mossy green.

Whenever I redecorate a room and and along the way make mistakes like this I always wonder what professional decorators do, do they also make these errors and have to rethink a decision. Probably not. Meanwhile I will continue to bumble along.

Have a splendid day!


  1. I agree with your choice. Liked them all,but this one is beautiful.

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  3. I like the direction you're going. It's going to be so lovely when you're done.

    1. I hope is taking a long time to get done but I like it all so far. Next is the upholstery fabric. Wish me luck!

  4. I like the one you finally selected. I think it will give you the colors you are looking for in your living room and with the color of the pillow it will look great.

    I am sure you will find the fabric for your chairs, you have a good eye for decor.

    I see that we are getting cooler weather and a great chance of rain. I can hardly WAIT.

    Enjoy your weekend.


    1. Thank you Mary. Rain!!! Wouldn't that be wonderful.

  5. I'm smiling!!! Maybe we ought to trade the fabrics that didn't work :^)
    One thing I have learned from MANY years of trial and error, is to read the dimensions of the repeats. At least now I don't get a design that is tooooooo small!!! Calico sized patterns just DON'T work in a slightly formal-ish room OR a big paneled room!!!! just ask me how I know that :^(
    Hugs to you....I think things are looking beautiful and if red (or cranberry or raspberry or moss green) is involved, how could anything be wrong??

  6. As always, I'm catching up again! I love the new fabric you chose and I can't wait to see your room when it's put back together. Wish you lived close enough to come help me redo some of my rooms!


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