Friday, August 11, 2017

The Dilemma ~

I went out in the garden this morning to take some photos for a  post on a project I have been working on. I came in, edited and downloaded the pictures, then decided this time I would do  something new - this post really needed two parts.

So, for today...


Part I The Dilemma

 As I have shared with you before, in the back far reaches of the garden is what I am now referring to as the pavilion. It was built by my husband as the site for our daughter's wedding, because of this it has very strong emotional ties for me. But the poor structure has had some issues in the past few years.  First, the original lattice top was completely blown off in a windstorm. I had it replace with a tin roof which has really worked out well and looks quite charming. But now the flooring has started to rot away. 

This structure is pretty much the centerpiece of the garden.

It is flanked on one side by the pond and the other side by the gravel garden.

One of the orange trees, which must have been planted on the property at least 50 plus years ago, adds shade and definition to the area.

All things considered it really is important to keep the structure looking as good as possible - an asset rather than a detriment to the overall look of the garden.

So now the current problem: the flooring and how I solved it.  I took a risk and did something quite daring and I love it. I hope you will like it too,

I will share how I went about this with you in my next post, Part II The Solution.

Don't you love a bit of mystery...I hope you will come back.

Thank you for visiting.

I hope you have a lovely day.


  1. Oh that's a teaser...I want to know now!
    Your garden has such great bones and I love that structure its a lovely feature and with such great memories you must be happy to save it.

  2. I agree with hostess of the humble bungalow. I really want to know. That tree is beautiful and how wonderful to have it to shade your yard. Please hurry back and tell us the solution.

  3. Adrienne, you bet I will be back. What a beautiful and sentimental part of your garden. I love the tin roof with the weathervane and the little footbridge leading up to the pavilion. That orange tree is just gorgeous, I don't think I have ever seen one that size. I have no clue what you used for the flooring, but I know it will be just perfect and can't wait to find out..Happy Monday..Judy


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