Friday, October 13, 2017

The gentler side of the season ~

I haven't done a lot of fall decorating in the living room in the past, somehow the colors just didn't work. But now that the room has a completely different color pallet fall just seemed to gently float in.

The perfect place to add a holiday accent was on the coffee table. I found bouquets of eucalyptus at Trader Joe's then added white pumpkins, green gourds, berries and dried flowers.

It is very subtle, and doesn't scream but rather whispers the season. I love green accents in the room and am now thinking about a Christmas tree with touches of apple green colored ornaments.

This is my favorite time of the year, first Halloween then Thanksgiving, all leading up to Christmas and all of it's wonders and joy. It is definitely a time do some planning.

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  1. Your soft fall colors look beautiful in your newly done room. wouldn't it be wonderful if we could go from fall through Christmas and then back to fall again?

  2. Very, Very pretty, Adrienne! It looks just wonderful and I think the room has adapted beautifully to fall decorating. xo Diana

  3. Adrienne, the softness of your new colors and fabrics are just beautiful. I love the fall arrangement. You certainly know how to arrange the softer side of fall..Happy Weekend..Judy

  4. It looks so pretty and festive for Fall.

  5. Your lovely colors definitely lend themselves to Fall. Love the beautiful little basket arrangement. So artful and cheery!

  6. When I started out this was going to be an all white room...somewhere along the way I got way off track. LOL But I do like the finished product and somewhere in my future is an all white interior.

  7. I didn't get around to decorating for fall this year. I'm getting where it zaps my energy to even think about it. I'm living a simpler life I guess.

  8. Your room is stunning and I love everything that you accomplished. The room is beautiful and your arrangement on the coffee table looks great.

    Have a great week.

    1. Thank you Mary. Although it is going to be a bit warm tomorrow generally it is getting much cooler...isn't it wonderful. The garden certainly is appreciating the change, all of my roses are blooming again.

  9. Your room is lovely and your decorations are perfect! You almost inspire me to change the colors in my living room! Not possible right now but I do love what you've done with yours.

  10. Thank you...this is what happened - it was going to be a completely white room, somehow color broke through. Nevertheless, I like it.

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