Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A lovely summer evening ~

A warm summer evening

Dinner alfresco

Excellent music cutesy of the LA Philharmonic

It is hard to beat an evening spent at the iconic

Hollywood Bowl

Getting to the Hollywood Bowl from my house used to be a major event and then the parking, oh my the parking! Now though it is a breeze, buses leave from our local park, driving you there, and bringing you home - hassle free, no stress and makes attending concerts as easy as can be.

Thank you for visiting

I hope your summer evenings are full of music and good times.



  1. Hi. Still waiting for our new home to be completed. Luckily, we're very close to an outdoor amphitheater so we will be able to enjoy music as you do!

  2. You found a new place to live, that's great! I hope the house will be finished soon so that you can move in and get settled again before the holiday season.

  3. I love the convenience of a bus shuttle service to these busy events. It’s just hassle free transportation. Looks like a wonderful musical experience!

  4. Adrienne, isn't it wonderful to have a shuttle? We have one for the fair and it is so much easier than trying to park the car..That is a really pretty photo..Happy Thursday..Judy

  5. How lovely for the end of summer! Nice shot too!

  6. I'm so glad you can enjoy the concerts and miss the traffic. It would be fun to live close to you and ride the shuttle with you!

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