Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fall holidays in the kitchen ~

I always enjoy decorating my kitchen for the different holidays. It's such an easy room to have fun with and because I spend so much time in here I really get to enjoy the decorations to the fullest.

I didn't do anything radically different this year, just changed things around a bit. This little witch has been residing in the basement for a couple of years and I decided she was just too cute to languish there, so up she came. I smile every time I look at her.

Across the room on the window shelf I filled up a box with pumpkins and hung a fall wreath in the window. 

On the side cabinet, more pumpkins and fall foliage, after Halloween a little tweaking, such as turning the Jack-o-lantern around and adding a turkey to the mix, will take me all the way to Thanksgiving.

All decked out and ready for the fall holidays!

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  1. Oh What a nice kitchen with autumnal notes. I would see it appear in a magazine

  2. Adrienne, I like the way you think. Taking one room and doing it right and enjoying it to the fullest. I think I might try that in the future, but NOT Christmas. Couldn't do that. Your kitchen is just beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen it all in one shot before. Thanks for your visit and anniversary wishes and that witch is just too cute. I am only decorating the front door for Halloween this year. I am trying really hard to enjoy this season, but in the meantime I can't help thinking about Christmas. Did you lose power? I hear there is another fire down your way. Getting to be just another fact of life in California..Happy Thursday..Judy

    1. Hi Adrienne. Your heading photo if just beautiful. The lighting is perfect. Thanks for your visit about the stranger. Isn't that too funny that Miss Twiggley found one too. I have a sign in my garden that says to leave a path for angels to walk through so maybe that is what led him to you!! Strange little creatures..Happy Weekend..Judy

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  4. Hello! I enjoy your blog immensely. Your home is lovely and your garden is beyond words. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the season. I live outside Atlanta and it has gotten much cooler, which we have been eagerly awaiting. It's raining today and our high will only be in the fifties. I hAve seen very little color in our leaves. They will begin soon. Have a great day.

  5. You have the prettiest kitchen! Love your dining alcove, but it is all wonderful. Glad to see you enjoying fall.

  6. I love that sweet looking witch and the way you decorated the base with mag leaves. The dining set is what I like too, those wrought iron chairs. It's dreary and rainy here so far and a good day to take in more reading. Happy Sunday to you , Betsy

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