Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Little backdoor herb garden ~

Last year instead of planting a large winter vegetable garden I just planted lettuces in pots near the kitchen. I called it my "little pathway garden". It worked out well - Instead of walking to the far, far back garden on cold and dark winter nights I was able to go down just a couple of steps and pick all the fresh lettuce I needed for salads and sandwiches.

This year I will be doing the same thing but I decided that it would be nice to add some winter herbs. Many herbs such as rosemary, thyme, lavender and oregano do well year around in our climate and grow in abundance in my garden, but parsley, chives and tarragon, and to a certain extent sage, languish in our hot months, so for me at least, it is better to treat them as winter annuals and enjoy them at their freshest then. So...

...all that was required was a trip to the garden center and then back home to get them potted up!


I now have a little backdoor herb garden, planted with some of my favorite cooking herbs, lots of parsley, tarragon, sage, a small pot of mint, to add to teas, and plenty of chives for baked potatoes and omelets, all just outside my backdoor. Besides the convenience I rather like the way it looks.

Now I must get busy and finish planting bulbs, I should have gotten them all in by the end of October so I am running a bit late. By the end of the day they should all be safely tucked in.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you have a wonderful day.



  1. I have not yet planted my bulbs either :( In addition, I got a little carried away by the enthusiasm when I bought them : 200 bulbs !!!!

    1. I know how that is, I tend to overdo myself and then have trouble getting them all planted - but they really are wonderful.

  2. Adrienne, I love your little potted herb garden and the sign that announces it. What a great idea. Rosemary grows well here and I have a huge plant of it. When we first moved here someone had planted mint and it was all over the place. I did enjoy it though even to just rub fingers over it when walking by. Over 30 years time it has almost grown itself out so I think putting it in a pot makes it more manageable. Thanks for your visit. I am so glad the lights are back on now and we did pick up a generator for the next time. A new toy for hubby and he can't wait to use it!!..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  3. Lovely potted herbs...I want to grow some too now!
    I like the idea of the close proximity to your back door.

  4. Such lovely sunny photos. Like you I am way behind with bulb planting and winter weather has arrived with a vengeance. I'm waiting of a day of kinder weather so I can cram them quickly into the ground!

  5. I do like a small herb garden myself. You potted them up so nicely. Were you able to finish your bulb planting? I haven't planted any bulbs this year, I simply didn't have the time. With some luck my daffodils will multiply and come back in the spring...


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