Sunday, August 15, 2010

Book of the Week

Celebrating with Julienne

This lovely cookbook was written by Susan Campoy, the chef and founder of Julienne bistro in San Marino, California. I made the Graham Cracker Chewy Bars  after they were featured in the cooking section of the Los Angeles Times. They were so good that I figured any cookbook with such a yummy recipe was worth having in my collection. In addition to the Graham Cracker Chewy Bars, I have made and can vouch for the following:

Crystallized Ginger Cookies
Croque Monsieur with tomato-apricot chutney
Warm Filet of Beef Sandwich with carmelized onions
Linguine Chinois

These are only a few of the wonderful treats available in this book

Bon Appetite!


  1. I liked your "Book of Week" post, especially because I've been meaning to ask you the name of the bistro featured in this book. I was thinking it might be a fun place to go with friends after school starts. Does Julienne's serve breakfast?

  2. Yes, in fact they only serve breakfast and lunch - no dinner. I know you and your friends would love it!

  3. I hope you will write a recommendation for another book next week. I honestly don't read much (not enough time; especially now that I'm back at work); & having a "glowing" review helps direct my bookstore visits.

    How about "Loot" the book you recommended while we were in London? or anything that you have read recently.

  4. I gave away most of my cookbooks back in April before we moved. Many of them contained only 1 to 2 recipes that we actually liked, but from your information I believe this could be one to try.
    Thank you for leaving such a nice comment and for the invite to visit your lovely blog. I plan to visit often!


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