Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Garden in Yellow

Yellow is an attention getter; it connotes happiness and joy...

Late summer at Rose Arbors is the season of is the time when the yellow flowers dominate and add a much needed boost of color. Most of these flowers come from Lantana, sunflowers, Rudbeckia, Thunbergia, and Coreopsis, plants so common that they are almost thought of as weeds by many. But they are easy with their demands and consistent with their bloom; it would be very dull here without them.

What color is your garden this time of year?


  1. The bright bursts of yellow in the garden look great. Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers, and I like black-eyed susans too. With the hot weather we are experiencing, my garden is looking rather sad.:)

  2. ours is looking a bit dry! too many days without pampering.... love your sunshiny yellows... new camera?

  3. I am having a minor problem with the new least I hope it is minor; it says it cannot format the card. They are sending me a new one. I am trying not to be upset.(-:


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