Friday, November 12, 2010

Decoupage ~ Door Drama

In the family room (aka, library/media room) that is currently undergoing renovation, I have one of these doors flanking each side of the cabinet that is going to house all of the electronics and the new television. They are nice, old solid wood doors with original glass knobs, but I kept looking at them thinking that this might be the opportunity to do something a little more interesting and I have always loved painted french furniture, so...

...I made this pattern, taped it to the door and and traced around it for the design I wanted. I took off the pattern and painted the inside with a slightly darker tone of paint than the door. When that was dry I outlined the edges with a metallic gold stripe.

I had this fabric left over from the curtains in my front room, it was perfect for what I wanted. I carefully cut... and cut... and cut... until I had enough flowers and details to compose the design you see below.

I applied the fabric to the door with wallpaper paste being very careful to wipe off any excess with a damp towel. Then applied a light coat of glaze.  Voila! I think I like just the other door to go!

What do you this okay?



  1. This could become addictive!
    Looks very French...and now I think there must be a piece of furniture which might need to be transformed...!!

  2. This fits your doors and, I think, your style. Very beautiful and creative.

  3. I love it! That tassel looks perfect too. My twelve year old has a Paris theme in her room and I could see doing this on her closet door. It's divine.

  4. So pretty- love the trim & tassle, completes the look! Tres magnifique!

  5. Wow, what a great look for your home, and a great tutorial. You just added so much character to your space, really lovely.

  6. Hi Adrienne, thanks for visiting me today. You are amazing....what a creative spirit. Love what you've done. So very pretty.

  7. Okay ?? It's great, has a french feel. Love it! Now , show us the rest of the room...please!

  8. Looks so pretty...Love the print...

    Take care,

  9. Outstanding. Already mentally scoping out doors in our house for the same treatment.
    I also have a buffet with two side doors it would work on...

  10. oh my dear Adrienne, this is absolutely great!!!! WONDERFUL!!!! Can you come home and do one exactly as this one for one of my doors??
    maria cecilia

  11. Love, love, love your door treatment! That is so cool!

  12. Another fabulous transformation, Adrienne. The doors are so much more inviting to look at now.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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