Wednesday, December 29, 2010

After the Deluge

I took this picture of a seating area in my north-facing side garden last week after a series of very rainy days. Rain is always welcome here, but it was nice that it cleared away for a beautiful Christmas Day. Now in the garden all of the tattered leaves have finally been washed off the trees and the annual rye grass is a brilliant green. Even though not much is blooming at Rose Arbors seeing everything look so fresh is a nice way to start the new year. And soon this little area will be filled with...


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  1. Camellias smell so heavenly. Our rain just turned to snow - the sticky kind that's stuck all over the trees. Doesn't smell as good as camellias, though ;-)

  2. It looks so Autumnal!! Really gorgeous! I did see on TV and read on the newspapers about the heavy rains. I hope it didn't cause too much damaged in your area and in your home!!
    While it's been a bit too cold here (unusual), I'm beginning to notice flowers blooming!! Our summer is definitely around the corner!...well, a couple of months away actually :o) but I cannot wait!!
    have lovely day!!

  3. I love winter bursts of pink! I was looking at one of those when I was at the garden center a few weeks ago, and I'm sorely tempted.

    Rain just does make everything look so fresh, doesn't it?

  4. What a lovely little area to sit and enjoy the camellias. Happy New Year.

  5. And the rain continues on! Camellias are a pretty flower.

  6. Oooh, Les merveilleux camélias, de si belles élégantes en plein hiver!!

    Bien chaleureusement votre
    ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

  7. Thank you so much for your visit and your kind comments. Your camellias are so beautiful. We normally have a similar climate but it have been bitter cold, for us, this year. I look forward to seeing your spring and summer garden.
    It appears that you would have been a good person to have with us in Paris.
    Language was the only barrier. What little I knew was pitiful. The French people we met were wonderful.
    I am your newest follower. Maybe I can learn some French for the next trip.

  8. Pretty pink Camellias in bloom...
    and after a rain they must be so sweetly scented...we have rain too but nothing blooming in my garden.
    Thank you for this morning bright spot!

  9. So funny to be trudging through the aftermath of a blizzard here while you are looking forward to fresh blooms! I'd rather be there on this cold New England day!

  10. soon camellias will fill that epty space

  11. I have some camillas starting to bloom as is raining again yard is so soggy! Happy New Year!!

  12. such a lovely flower. Such a contrast compared to our snowy michigan landscape.

  13. Camellias are so pretty and smell heavenly. Thanks for sharing... it reminds me that warm follows behind the cold weather we are having.
    Thanks for sharing, Annette

  14. Oh but here comes the rain again. We are getting it real bad up here in the valley today~ We do have some wonderful flowers that have started to bloom. I even saw a giant sunflower that started growing wild down the road. ~Happy New Year Love Heather

  15. That would be such a lovely place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea..

    Happy New Year!

  16. Seems it uprooted the patio. But the flowers bloom on!

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  18. What a beautiful and tranquil spot! I'm with you. Can't wait for spring now! Happy New Year!

  19. I love the color on yours . I have one red. I am going to look for one like yours too. Kathy

  20. I've never lived anywhere before that could grow camellias - I can't wait to see my first ones here in the UK!! XOL

  21. Oh, you have to come back next week for "Cottage Flora Thursdays" on my blog & share this pretty!!


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