Monday, April 9, 2012

Flowers and Shoes

All of the Altroemerias are starting to bloom in the garden.  They seem to continue to pop up in the oddest places, in some cases far away from the original planting, but they are so pretty and make such wonderful flowers for cutting that I really don't care where they appear. Here I have paired them with  white camellias which I also have in abundance.


...the real reason for this post is to show you these absolutely darling new shoes that I found at Marshall's. They are modeled here by my daughter, I found it impossible to wear them and photograph them at the same time! Thank you Heather.

I think these will be perfect for summer: red and white stripes, who could resist.

The little bird wanted to came back to wish you Adieu!

Thank you for visiting, I hope that you have a lovely Spring day!

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  1. This post just makes me sigh with pleasure - flowers and pretty shoes.
    We can certainly survive without them, but would we wish to?

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Easter! The shoes are adorable as is the flower arrangement.

  3. Beautiful flowers and adorable shoes! Sally xx

  4. It doesn't get any better. Pretty flowers and pretty shoes...sigh. I can't wait to get rid of my ugly protective boot. As always, thank you for the lovely inspiration.

  5. The basket of flowers is lovely and the shoes adorable.

  6. Alstroemeria are so pretty and a great cut flower but I had to eradicate them from my garden as they were choking out everything in their path spreading underground and on top as well.
    Now who could resist those cute shoes. Perfect for summer.

  7. The flowers are so lovely.....and the shoes are adorable!

  8. I didn't think alstroemeria really grew anywhere, I thought it just showed up at the florist. Imagine having it in your own yard! And camellia too! You are one lucky lady.

  9. Love the blog remodel and those shoes are lovely. Rather French looking, I think.
    Hope you are well!

    xo, Adrienne

  10. Those really are cute shoes, and it was fun being a "shoe model". I should have somehow tiptoed out of the garden without you noticing that they were still on!

  11. I love alstros as they are such great cut flowers – last for weeks! Love the shoes, too!

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  13. What could be and shoes! Lovely!!!

  14. Oh those are adorable!! and how sweet of Heather to show them off and your right it is very hard to take a picture of your own feet I have tried this lol!! Heather may now want to borrow them hehehe I need some flats for my dresses I should check there for sure~Love Heather

  15. I hope that you had a great Easter. I don't know what is prettier, the flowers or the cute little striped shoes! It must be wonderful to have a surplus of Altroemerias and white camellias so that you don't mind picking a few to make a bouquet.

  16. Giggle! I love the new shoes! And, the flowers! It is hard to take pics of oneself in shoes unless you have perfect ankles and feet! lol. Thank you for the visit and sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse. It means the world. Wishing you a grand day. Toodles, Kathryn

  17. What a gorgeous flower basket! Your arrangements are always incredible! Then to pair them with those cute as can be shoes, from my favorite store no less! Just perfect! Thanks for your sweet visit.
    Big hugs,

  18. Beautiful flowers! Will they grow here in Utah? Very cute shoes! Perfect for summer. Mimi

  19. What a beautiful setting and "LOVE,LOVE,LOVE" the shoes! Just my style! I was thinking the other day about all the new SKY HIGH STYLES(I DO NOT WARE HEALS), and I survived the 70s platforms, ALTHOUGH I did take a tumble in 75 with my NEWBORN son in my arms. He was fine but being a MOM I wrapped myself around him and took all the "PAIN"! I swore that day NOTHING but flat shoes for me!
    I LOVE the ones you found! I'll have to go EXPLORE for them!
    Thank you for sharing,
    Big Hugs,

  20. Your flowers are gorgeous - I would not care where they popped up either - I'm adding these to my wish list of flowers! LOVE your new shoes! They are perfect for summer-everyday wear! I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,
    I hope to see you return this afternoon!

  21. Those shoes are gorgeous!!! I would wear them all summer.

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