Friday, December 21, 2012

Tree Skirt ~

I really wanted to make one of those wonderful ruffled tree skirts a la Miss Mustardseed this Christmas, but I ran out of time. So... a stop-gap I pulled out some of my old lace curtains: drapped and layed them and came up with this.

My motto is: never throw away anything lace! You never know when it will come in handy.

 I rather like how it looks. And, I have decided that the time to make a new tree skirt is probably in the summer and not in those very busy weeks leading up to Christmas.

But for this year this will suffice. So far Miss Twiggley, amazingly enough, has left it all alone!
~ Merry Christmas ~
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  1. How pretty!
    I'm with you on the 'never throw out' a scrap!

  2. Looks beautiful and elegant and oh so Victorian!

  3. De très jolies photos de votre arbre de noël bien juponné ... je pense qu'il va plaire au père noël et qu'il vous gratifiera !...

    Gros bisous et joyeuses fêtes.

  4. So pretty, I love the way you decorated your tree--nice color scheme and just the perfect amount of ornaments.

    Merriest Christmas to you!

  5. Looks wonderful. I agree, lace is gold. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  6. What a gorgeous idea for a tree skirt. Your tree is so pretty. I'm glad Miss Twiggley has left your tree alone. Our two cats have been napping on the tree skirt for weeks. Silly furballs.

  7. Such a nice tree and Christmas decoration! A Merry. Christmas to you and your family. Catherine

  8. Hi Adrienne,
    Well I wouldn't change a thing! Your tree skirt is gorgeous, lace can never be wrong! I love it!!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. It looks beautiful, Adrienne, and so does your tree. I like your decorations. Everything looks so peaceful and calm - just the way it should be.
    A very merry Christmas to you as well.

  10. love-ly, as always! will the kids & grandkids come over? Eric (& his partner) are coming tonight (on their way to Irvine) to spend the night & have dinner with us! And, our dinner table got larger - a colleague from So Africa is passing through SLO, so he'll join our dinner table tonight (bringing his wife & elementary age kids). FUN!!

  11. How beautiful!
    Our cats would tear that look to shreds though...
    Happy Christmas Adrienne.

  12. Merry Christmas Adrienne!! your tree skirt looks beautiful and I think that is very good advice I might make a few items for Christmas this summer when I am not so busy as well!! Have a wonderful Holiday Love Heather

  13. Adrienne, that tree! It's like the most fabulous, frothy concoction on the planet! How have you kept Miss Twiggley from the skirt?

  14. Very soft and pretty.
    Merry Christmas

  15. It looks so lovely, soft and romantic. Beautiful tree! Merry Christmas!


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