Thursday, February 21, 2013

Après la Pluie ~

It rained last night, a lovely rain. Here in our hot, arid climate rain is always welcome.
This morning when I came home from my walk  I wandered the garden and thought how lovely everything looked, nothing improves a garden like rain...the grass is always greener...
colors are more vibrant...

everything is fresh and clean...

and when the sun comes out, all glows ~

Even though not much is blooming in my garden right now the rain makes everything look lush and pretty. Thank you nature, and...
thank you for visiting ~


  1. ummm... thanks for the love-ly walk through your garden. Now, off to work!

  2. Hello Adrienne:
    Your garden does indeed look beautifully refreshed after the rain. You say that there is not much blooming but there is an enormous amount of interest to catch the eye. You have obviously used evergreens and architectural features to give structure to the garden and they work wonderfully well.

  3. Fabulous pics! Your garden is so charming. You are a lucky girl.

    Susan and Bentley

  4. The new banner looks great! Thanks for the beautiful tour too. The garden is wonderful!

  5. Your garden is stunning! Love that magnolia, I admire them whenever I see one and have often thought it might be nice to have one in my garden but I can never decide which variety to choose!
    I never tire of your lovely pictures and garden...they are always so well presented.

  6. Just gorgeous. Thank you for such a pretty tour. We have another snow storm outside this morning. I can't wait for the return of spring.

  7. Lovely post and beautiful garden! Here in Iowa it is 25 degrees and more snow is falling on top of the deep blanket of white on the ground. I am waiting for Spring and flowers!

  8. bonjour
    merci pour ce gentil commentaire sur VITA
    j' aimerais beaucoup visiter également sont jardin
    même son livre est épuisé
    vous pouvez aussi aller sur mon autre blog
    j'y ai mis dans le haut à gauche une possibilité d' inscrire votre billet
    du jour ,avec une vignette, il reste en place 7 jours
    les Français n' ont pas l' air de connaitre cette nouvelle fonction!!!!
    vous avez un très joli jardin
    je vous mets dans mes coups de coeur
    à très bientôt
    edith (iris )

  9. Your garden is gorgeous! Lush and green and wonderful. You have more blooming than we do, my friend. I love seeing your gardens and your home. Such a sweet place to stop for a visit.

  10. Your garden looks so lovely and green. Nothing here is green, in fact, it's supposed to snow all week. I would give anything for a wee bit of your lovely green. I can hardly wait until it gets that green here, but it's at least a month away.

  11. Everything looks so lush and beautiful there! I can hardly imagine experiencing such beautiful year round. Oh that would be wonderful. xo

  12. Quel sourire, le matin c'est un rayon de soleil pour la journée, merci !

  13. We are still snow covered here, and sadly, nothing is green. It is nice to see there is green elsewhere. Your magnolia is lovely as are your camellias in the last post.

  14. So pretty to see some green lawn. We still have 4 inches of snow on everything! Mimi

  15. is that another new banner? oh, your garden looks great - especially that curved shrub (bottom picture)


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