Friday, February 15, 2013

Chanel and Camellias ~

Camellias do very well in our climate and I have quite a few bushes in my garden. They are all very old having been here when we bought the house. Because of their age many are as tall as trees. Each year without any special care they faithfully sent forth beautiful blooms...a sample which you can see below.
I like them all but my favorite is this very large, loosely petaled one, the color is exquisite: a soft, creamy white with yellow stamens.

I have been picking them to bring in the house, this cute little three part vase is perfect for arranging them. Here they are adding beauty to a hanging shelf in the dining room.

White camellias always remind me of Coco Chanel. When I was in France with my granddaughter we visited her shop on Rue Cambon ~ every purchase is put in a bag decorated with a pretty white, artificial camellia. As you can see my bottle of Chanel Number Five is halfway is my favorite scent.

Don't you agree that these are absolutely Scrumptious!

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a little floral delight to lighten up your day.
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  1. A most favored flower for me too. I remember them from the Deep South and also from Florence. Funny, I don't remember them from Paris. I love the deep pink ones. One my first trip to Florence, one cold February week, I couldn't believe that they were in bloom--gorgeous color.

    And Chanel--you're a classicist.

  2. Our house came with four camellia bushes, and I love them all. Two are soft pink (one more filled than the other) and one dark red; all three of them are in the front of the house. In the back there is a camellia that is red and white, quite stunning, and flowering like mad. Usually I cut a flower from each bush and put them in a shallow glass bowl - very pretty.

  3. Hello Adrienne:
    In our own days of gardening we used to grow camellias but were never that successful with them largely, we think, that our soil did not really suit them. We rather believe that they like acidic conditions. Whatever, yours are lovely, especially the creamy white one.

  4. Such gorgeous blooms. How very very special that you were able to take your granddaughter to visit Coco Channel's store in Paris. I remember your trip. Memories of a lifetime!

  5. I haven't been successful in growing Camellias so have to be satisfied with enjoying them in others' gardens. They really are the queens of the late winter garden. You've displayed yours so beautifully.

  6. I was just admiring the camellias in the neighborhood and thinking someday I would like to plant some along our side yard. Yours look just beautiful.

  7. Adrienne, your camellias are beautiful. Don't you just love them. I have three very old bushes also. White, pink and dark red. I saw a bud on the pink one yesterday so they bloom here a little later than yours..Happy Weekend..Judy

  8. Beautiful camellias and exquisite photos!! I remember growing up in So. Cal. we had camellias in the backyard. My mother would cut the flowers and float them in a pretty bowl, and I thought that was so elegant. I wonder if they would grow in our climate up here in northern Idaho? I should give it a try as I too love the delicate beauty of camellias. Have a wonderful week Adrienne! ♥

  9. Just beautiful and how fortunate to have trees of them just outside your home. I think I would feel like I lived in heaven if it were my yard.

  10. They're all pretty, but I think the pink ones are my favorites. I wish we could grow them here.

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  12. Absolutely gorgeous! Wish I had a bouquet here in the midst of this snow storm! ;-) Thanks for sharing...

  13. Oh my.
    I love Chanel.
    I love Camelia's.
    Love, Annette

  14. Chanel #5 has been with me since before.....well....husband, kids, grandkids, and yes GREAT grands!!! The original bottle (which I still own...blush) was a high school graduation gift, and that was almost before the beginning of time :^)
    This is yet ANOTHER lovely post!!


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