Saturday, November 2, 2013

Beautiful November ~

November has arrived bringing so much beauty. The days have been glorious, a perfect time to be outside.  The weather is sumptuous, with beautiful blue skies and we even have a bit of fall color, not as dramatic as in cooler climates, but lovely non-the-less.
The stars of  the show are the Liquid Amber trees...
but the Crepe Myrtles are also showing off...
and the persimmon tree with its orange fruit is adding to the display.

 Even the Magnolias are looking lovely in their fall foliage. If you look closely you can see there are some Narcissi's in bloom, a bit freaky, but this is Southern California.

...and the Boston Ivy ~ the sign says Spring, but the colors say Fall.
 I hope that you too enjoying these perfect autumn days, such a good time to take a breath and enjoy nature's bounty before the holiday rush.

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  1. Pretty gorgeous photos here. I love the sublety of fall where you are. The colors are gorgeous. Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  2. You have captured much beauty in these images...
    Looks like a wonderful weekend is on the way for you to enjoy.

  3. Aren't we having beautiful weather? I just love it - cool nights and warm days. Don;t have a lot of tree here that have such wonderful colors as you do, but Magnolia tree is so pretty.
    Have a spectacular weekend.

  4. Beautiful fall foliage!!! I didn't realize you had such colorful leaves in Southern California. My brother lives in San Diego and I don't remember seeing any trees like that.

  5. It is such a lovely time! I love this season, and we truly have glorious days at the moment. I love the turning of the leaves - my Japanese Maple is turning to a fiery red, and all the Chinese Pistacchios in the neighborhood are just incredible.

  6. des couleurs splendide , l'automne est une merveilleuse saison
    c'est flamboyant
    edith (iris)

  7. Gorgeous color erupts from your splendid grounds. Thank you for sharing. Although we have mountains of leaves to rake, the fall color seems to be holding on longer than usual. I'm loving it!

  8. Beautiful are your photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  9. Adrienne, all your photos are so beautiful and your fall colors are wonderful. Too think you have all that and sunshine all year too (Mostly)..Happy Tuesday..Judy


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