Saturday, November 16, 2013

The perfect spot ~

I knew when I saw this glittery turkey at Home Goods late last summer that he would make a great addition to my Thanksgiving decorations ~ I just didn't know exactly where I would put him but into my cart he went, I would think about the details later...
 I found a holiday home for him in the media/library room, I think he looks perfect here under the window and since I spend a lot of time in this room he never gets lonely. What do you think, doesn't he add to the Thanksgiving festivities?

When I was teaching we had a poem of the month, this was the one for November:
Turkey, Turkey
Turkey, turkey look at you,
please be careful what you do,
Thanksgiving day is almost here,
we eat turkey every year.
Run and hide out in the woods,
we'll eat pizza as we should!

I think this turkey would agree, meanwhile he sends you a
Gobble, gobble which in turkey speak means:
~ Happy Thanksgiving ~

 Thank you for visiting, I hope your holiday plans are going well.


  1. It is so perfect and your room is so very pretty!
    Smiles, Dottie

  2. Adrienne, he looks just majestic sitting in the window where he can really shine. What a pretty room too. Love the poem..Happy Weekend..Judy

  3. Oh who could be lonely in that cozy room?! Such a nice place to spend a fall afternoon. I hope he will forgive me, but I find him very pretty!

  4. I love that beautiful turkey! That is the absolute perfect spot for him to oversee all the activities! Beautiful room!

  5. This room looks so inviting and comfortable, and Turkey Turkey looks right at home!

  6. He is perfect in your beautiful seasonal display!! Great decoration - you really have a hand for that.

  7. He has a perfect perch. What a festive bird. Another gorgeous holiday display!

  8. Your turkey has found the perfect spot where he is safe and also beautiful. He couldn't fit into your decor more perfectly. The room looks so warm and inviting. Makes me want to snuggle up and read a book.


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