Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A lovely little surprise ~

Last summer I redesigned the border under my deck, reducing the planting area and expanding the adjacent gravel area. I thought that I had removed all of the plants but this group of Paperwhites somehow got overlooked. At first I wasn't sure exactly what they were, but here they are a lovely little surprise, surrounded by gravel with absolutely no care, blooming right outside my back door  just in time for the holiday.
I have never tried to force Paperwhites because they bloom so readily in the garden this time of year and I have quite a few planted in various places, but it would be nice to have potted ones in the house, so next year they will be a first on my list and now I must start collecting interesting containers to put them in...that should be fun!
Thank you for visiting.
Joyeux Noël


  1. I love the paper whites. My son gave me a package of them about 5 years ago and now I have tons - I should separate them and plant some else where. Mine have already finished blooming for this year. Your right they don't require much care.

  2. Beautiful! What a great surprise!!

  3. I adore paperwhites.They are my favorite flower.

  4. Your paperwhites are such a wonderful surprise! They remind me of my grandmother who always forced flowers during the winter months in our snowy MI.

  5. What a nice surprise! Paperwhites are my favourite Christmas flowers. I just love their spicy fragrance.


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