Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cuttings and Cloches ~

 With the exception of succulents, in all the years I have been gardening I haven't done much plant propagation, I have sowed lots of flower seeds but made few attempts to start plants from cuttings. This all changed when I wanted some roses to plant around the base of the fountain in the new rondel garden. I knew just the roses I wanted, I already had some in the rear garden, but it is impossible to find more as I can not remember the name of this rose or where I got them. So, I decided to take some cuttings.

To help provide the  cuttings with a good start I needed more cloches and last week I found just the right ones at World Market. 

 I am also trying to propagate some other plants along with the roses, I decided to put them all together on the shelf outside of the kitchen window where I can keep a good eye on how they are doing.

Seeing them all lined up like this reminded me of  a work-yard I visited at a chateau in France. Isn't this  wonderful. There is some serious gardening going on here and of course the gardens were fabulous.

I will never have a use for that many cloches and I certainly don't have such a sumptuous garden but I rather like the way they look and the rose cuttings I that I took earlier seem to have taken. Hooray!

I think I have discovered a new hobby.

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  1. I hope you'll let us know how the cuttings grow, and perhaps this time next year we will see a bloom. My husband has had a lot of success propagating from cuttings - mostly azaleas.

  2. The cloches look very attractive even on their own....I hope you will be successful with your cuttings. Let us know how they work as I might try my hand at if too. Just need to find some pretty cloches now.

  3. They look so good sitting on your shelf - I do hope that they all take. If you are successful I will have to try my hand. I used to have diagrams of all my roses and their names, but over the years they got lost. I would love to know what some of them are. I have about 6 cloches so I am all set.
    Have a great week - weather is pretty hot up here and I am sure it's hot down your way.

  4. It's like a 'cloche greenhouse'.... awesome! Hope they take, but I'm sure they will, plants love to grow under glass. Have a great week ahead.

  5. Yours look lovely outside your window like that. What a nice view to have at your sink. Love cloches!

  6. They look so pretty lined up on the outside shelf. I love it when something is both functional and pretty!

  7. A pretty picture indeed. Please keep us posted on their progress. Such a beautiful view from your window.

  8. Very nice! I read online that you can start roses from cuttings by putting the stem in a potato...sounds crazy...but I tried it and it worked...I now have a new rose in my garden! Happy Monday!!

  9. I love the cloches! What a lovely way to start some new plantings.

  10. You are such an amazing gardener, even your baby cuttings are stylish and beautiful!
    Love the cloches all lined up, lovely.


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