Thursday, July 24, 2014

Un petit quelque chose ~

I wanted a new summer dress, something soft, comfortable and maybe a little elegant. Lately most of the dresses I have made have been out of cotton knits with little sewing required...this time I wanted a real dress, with fitted darts and even a zipper.  I pulled out this vintage Vogue pattern...

...then I shopped my stash of fabric and I found this lovely piece of rayon, very soft with a fluid hand ~ perfect.

 I had the pattern, the fabric, and even this necklace.

Time to get to work...


Now I have my new dress, and I love it. It is just what I wanted.

I just might change the pattern a bit so it has a scoop neck, maybe add short sleeves, and make another just can't have too many dresses.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a lovely day.


  1. Oh your dress is lovely. I love a dresses like that and they are so hard to find. You did a great job and even have the neckless to go with it. Love it when things work out right. You are a wonderful seamstress. Now go someplace special so you can show of your lovely dress.

  2. You look beautiful in that dress! I like flowing dresses like yours!!!

  3. Gorgeous! I'm so impressed and envious of your sewing talents. The necklace is the perfect touch.

  4. You look amazing in that feminine and flirty dress.
    I am in awe of all your talents....

  5. its beautiful you did a really good job on it!! I have been thinking I could use a dress as well I think you might have inspired me!!

  6. Adrienne, of course you can't have too many especially when you look as pretty in one as you do. Great job, beautiful fabric, and even though it's a vintage pattern, it looks right up to date. Love the length, it looks so comfy. You look gorgeous..Happy Thursday..Judy

  7. What a lovely dress! it looks light and breezy. How I wish I could sew as well as you do! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Your dress is beautiful - I like the fabric very much, and you look so cute in that picture!


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