Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mindful acrobatics ~ a Miss Twiggley post.

Some cats are very agile and able to reach quite high and unexpected places. One of my most memorable cats...well, they have really all been memorable...a siamese cat named Pyewaquet, was able to reach the top of the refrigerator with little effort.

Well, persian cats are not like that. Perhaps it is their shorter legs, or maybe their more docile dispositions but aerial acrobatics are not something they excel at and really don't even attempt much.

But Miss Twiggley does have her moments of daring as you can see below in the guest bathroom. She can easily reach counter height in one leap, the mantle in the front room with a little cheating from a side table and the room divider between the front room and the dining room. And of course any table set with my best crystal and china prior to a dinner party.

So, I was a little surprised when I went into my bedroom and saw her peeking around the corner, perched on the top of the step ladder I had been using to change some light bulbs.

Actually, she really didn't leap up to the top, but climbed the steps...once there I don't know if she really knew what to do. But I have a feeling she was very proud... and probably saying to herself, "now how do I get down!".


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  1. Adrienne, how sweet is she. But, I don't think she is wondering how she got there, by the look on her face I think she is saying to you, don't you dare try to take me down!..How funny she is peering around the corner. I also love how you have manipulated your house in the header. Very clever..Happy Thursday..Judy

  2. Hi Adrienne! Miss Twiggley is the prettiest little kitty I've ever seen! What a darling little face. I'm sure she is a delight.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Oh how funny Miss Twiggley is. I know that she brings you lots of pleasure. I miss having a cat, but my dogs wouldn't like that.
    Love your new header - it looks great. Have a wonderful relaxing weekend - love the weather.

  4. That is too cute!!! The princess Posie cat likes to get on the ladder when I am ON IT!! I have warned her repeatedly, that she is going to get stepped on and squished! She just looks at me like "that's your problem lady!"
    Love your new did a good job with it!

  5. LOL, that face ! Can you imagine if she met Minette ? if she met Merlin, I don't know what either one of them would do :)

    1. My favorite is on the ladder .. she is just darling!

  6. Miss Twiggley is simply beautiful!!! I love the look on her face while sitting on top of the ladder as if saying, "Who?...Me?"
    I call our Phoebe Nadia Comaneche (I hope I spell name correctly!).

  7. The jumping stepladder is an acrobatic discipline, now memorable, thanks to the athletic Miss Twiggley., elegant in any circumstances ! :) Miaou, miaou! ( congratulations in french meow)

  8. I'll bet the show she put on getting up the ladder would've been quite a treat. Some friends back in the 70's had a huge cat. Every a few nights they would get up to find their door in the kitchen open to the outside. Strange! Finally early one morning they arrived in the kitchen just in time to see that huge cat take a leap from the kitchen counter across to the door handle and manage to turn the handle with its stomach and open it up!

  9. She is so pretty! Her antics always make me smile - and miss having a kitty cat.

  10. I love the picture of her peeking around - and the one on the ladder. So cute!

  11. Oh she's very photogenic!
    Cats are very curious by nature...ours climb onto and into most everything.
    The dining table set for a dinner party is when we have to put them in a room with the door closed!

  12. Pets have a way of keeping us entertained with their antics. I like the shot of Miss Twiggy on the counter looking back at the camera.

  13. Miss Twiggy is so camera ready, giving grump cat a run for his money.
    My Mother finds her two cats in the stranges places...thats what cats love to do.
    enjoyed smiling here.


  14. This is the cutest thing I have seen all day!!!! Thanks Adrienne for the laugh today!
    sending hugs...


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