Wednesday, September 30, 2015

One of the joys of the season ~

I really know that it is fall when bulbs appear at the nursery.
I love bulbs, they are such a wonder, plant them now and then when you have forgotten all about them, they burst forth in spring.

Our weather is so temperate not all bulbs do well here. Tulips will bloom but they need special care and personally I long ago gave up on that.

Now I stick  bulbs that don't need a period of chilling such as daffodils  narcissis, freesias, lilies and leucojum.

Although I loose a few bulbs each year, mainly because I forget where they are and accidentally dig them up, if the foliage is allowed to die back naturally they will multiply and come back. Some bulbs, like Paperwhites can even become a bit of a nuisance.

One of my favorites is the miniture daffodil, Tete-a-tete, planted as you can see in the photo below in my driveway median. 

For some reason for the past couple of years I haven't been able to find them locally, too bad because they perform so well and you can tuck them into little spots. This year however I was able to order them online.

This is also the time to plant and divide iris...but that is for another day and quite too much work to think about while our temperatures continue to be so hot. Next month I think, although I will buy them now while there is still a good selection.

 I use wooden paint stirring sticks to mark where I plant bulbs.
They make good and not too obtrusive garden markers.

Have a lovely day


  1. I love tulips but indeed they don't do too well in our climate. I usually stick them in the fridge for six weeks before I put them in the ground. I do like daffodils and I think I will plant way more this season.

    1. Daffodils are super easy, I think you will really like them and they come in various tones and bloom times.

  2. My iris did terrible this year and I lost quite few of them. I am so disappointed with my garden. It is the worst I have ever seen.
    Your garden always looks so special that I really enjoy seeing your pictures. Where is your city at? I know that you live in SoCA, but I can't place it.
    Have a great weekend and Happy Gardening - I think we may get some rain Sunday and Monday. I pray we do.

  3. I gave up planting tulips and other hard to grow bulbs in our AZ home...too hot...but the paperwhites and bearded iris do very well.

    Here in MN, I plan to plant tulips this fall, so that we come back in early spring we get to be greeted with some beautiful color!!!

    Your garden always looks so beautiful and well maintained!!!

  4. Oh I would love to plant bulbs so are you saying paperwhites...Iris..daffodil and lilies are the ones to plant here? I will definitely be doing this I am in dire need of some landscaping!! ~thanks for sharing ~Heather

  5. Such beautiful beautiful blooms. Your landscaping is such an inspiration.

  6. You certainly have a lovely selection of bulbs in your basket. I envy your being able to plant paperwhites outdoors. Here it is strictly an indoor bulb. Mini-daffodils are among my favourites too. Great tip about the paint stick. I am forever digging up my bulbs by mistake.

  7. Hi Adrienne. Your beautiful garden must be spectacular in Spring. I have some daffodils that keep coming back that I planted about 30 years ago when we first moved here but haven't planted any since. I did plant tulips one year and they were so pretty but they didn't come back. I thought maybe the squirrels had dug them up. The lack of rain has really make a mess of things around here and I'm afraid the garden is not going to do well next season We will wait and see and might dig it all up...Happy Thursday..Judy


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