Monday, April 4, 2016

A little something ~

A little something pretty for your day...

Alstroemeria, Sea Lavender and Heavenly Bamboo

Alstroemerias are such great plants and have the wonderful habit of reseeding themselves, often in strange places, but never in my garden, unwanted. Paired here with Sea Lavender it makes a very long lasting bouquet.


  1. The flowers look so pretty. Our lilacs are starting to flower, but we are suppose to have freezing temps tonight.

  2. How lovely that bouquet is. I will try the Alstroemaria in my new garden and hope for some beautiful blooms.

  3. Such a pretty bouquet with lovely colors. I love Alstroemeria flowers, they're so pretty and grow in such wonderful colors and mixes.

  4. Your bouquet is so pretty. WOW the gardens are doing so good this year with the rain.
    Hopefully we will get lots later this week.

    Have a wonderful week.

  5. Such a pretty really make our homes and gardens special.
    Hope you have a fun week.

  6. Adrienne, your bouquet is beautiful. I love alstroemerias and Raley's usually has them for $12 for 3 bundles. They make a fairly large bouquet and they last much longer than most other cut flowers. I have never planted them in my garden, though. I have looked all over your blog and can't find anyplace where I could follow by e-mail? I miss so many of your beautiful posts..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. I seldom know the names of flowers and plants, but I saw some beautiful pansies this morning and was cheered that soon we would have lovely flowers in our area soon. Your bouquet is lovely and I always admire your lovely home and gardens and feel I am learning slowly from you to appreciate the garden beauty more than ever.

  8. Beautiful lush bouquet! BTW...I love your picture all set and ready to garden!!!


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