Saturday, April 16, 2016

Little pleasures ~

I wanted to share a few little pleasures from my week.


A new summer bag, delivered to my doorstep a couple of days ago all the way from China.

I like straw bags for the summer months, they seem to go with everything and their casualness fits the way I dress when it is hot. For the past few years I have had trouble finding one. A Google search brought this one to me. It was so inexpensive I really thought I would end up donating it to the local thrift store but it came and it is perfect, a very nice surprise. The new sunglasses, found at Marshall's, are tortoise shell colored and over-sized just like I prefer...

The bounty of this beautiful Eden rose, so plentiful in bloom that it allows me the pleasure of  making lush, long stemmed bouquets to take to friends...

...Planting Zinnia seeds.

 Zinnias are my favorite summer flowers they stand up and perform throughout our hot, hot, weather and grace the garden with bursts of color. I prefer the pink types and Giant Enchantress is my favorite, tall, with large candy-pink blooms, it is hard to miss in the garden.

There are few things that give more pleasure than starting a new book. I love to read books about living in Paris, this book by Kate Betts has gotten good reviews and looks very interesting. And talk about pleasure, who doesn't dream about the pleasure of living for a while in Paris.

Miss Twiggley...what gives her pleasure...falling asleep on the window seat in the bay window while watching birds visit the bird feeder outside. 

Little does she know the pleasure that she gives me.

I hope your days are filled with little pleasures too.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. I am reading that book too and am half way books set in Paris. This one is a good read.

  2. Great purse and sun glasses. They will be perfect for our hot summer days. I think Summer is already here, but I hope not for a while.

    I love the Eden roses and have three the same colors as yours. I also have a red one, but the roses don't open up as well as the pink.


  3. The bag is perfect. Isn't it great when something turns out to be just as we'd hoped?

  4. Your straw bag is darling. Zinnias are on my list of things that I want to add to our cutting garden this year. Miss Twiggley is just precious. I imagine she gives you all sorts of pleasure and wonderful companionship.

  5. Your pictures are a open book of loveliness. Your blog is so soothing to enter. The setting of your cat near the window is awesome.


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