Sunday, July 17, 2016

Side tracked ~

Repairs, repairs, repairs. 

I am right in the middle of redecorating the living room and entry hall but needs must and while Juan, who does lots of work for me had the time, I decided to have him paint one of the out buildings. Little did I know what it would lead to.

This building was originally a chicken coop, then a storage shed, a playhouse and now back to a storage shed again.

New battens helped to cover up and protect  the widening seams in the wood exterior but we quickly realized that one of the walls would need to be replaced.

Years of termites and wood rot had taken a toil. I don't know what was holding it up.

New studs, new plywood and we are in good shape again.

All done!

Fresh and clean and I hope good for another few years.

Now back to the main project...the living room!


  1. That is the way, isn't it? project leads to another. The satisfaction of having something in tip-top shape is huge, even if the impact isn't as great as a decorating project. We've gone through the same thing here, with electrical projects that have led to more electrical projects - all invisible and costly, but important in terms of safety and comfort.
    I'm looking forward to more decorating posts too though!

  2. That's always the way, and one thing lets to another. Looks good. How are you doing on your living room? Hope you getting it all done soon. Looking for the pictures on a blog about it.

    Have a great week.


  3. Adrienne, I certainly missed a few of your posts so I went back a ways. Still can't wait to see the finished living room and entry. The ceiling is beautiful. You sure had a great harvest of larkspur. I remember my mom having a garden full of them and the prettiest arrangements for the house. A perfect little duck family!.. Happy Wednesday..Judy


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