Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Rudbeckias and updates ~

It has been hot, hot, hot here for the past couple of weeks. Between the intense heat and watering restrictions it is surprising that anything survives but some hardy plants such as Rudbeckias, better known as Black-eyed Susan, defy the odds.
 I took this picture in the morning after coming home from my walk, I was pleased with was how pretty these Rudbeckias were.  I planted them in several places in the garden because they stand up so well to torrid conditions and I hoped that they would take center stage in this spot when the roses stopped blooming. They seem to have done just that.

And now for an update on the living room project.

 I am still sanding and painting woodwork but hope to finish this week, then I can start wallpapering.

Putting together fabric possibilities is really fun. These are all from different manufactures but they goes well together.

 I have already purchased the fabric on the bottom right for the living room drapes and the solid rose colored one is my current favorite for the entry hall drapes. The others...for accents.

 The entry hall is done. All painted, including the ceiling details and the new molding. I don't think anything adds more to a room then decorative molding.

As for Miss Twiggley she doesn't worry about painting, (although she did manage to get paint on her tail) political conventions, or keeping the garden watered, but she does care about comfort. Her favorite activity right now is sprawling out in front of an air conditioning vent and snoozing the day away. 

I think life as a cat must be very pleasant indeed.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. The Rudbekias are beautiful, Adrienne. You were right about their ability to command the stage as the roses fade.
    I look forward to seeing the fabrics as they are made up around the house. The painting you've done looks very good. You are a pro!

  2. Really looking forward to seeing your finished room and the florals you pick.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing the end results of your living room. Your fabrics are very lovely.

    Yes, it is been so hot here also. It is terrible and the smell coming from the Sand Fire is to much.

    I had a great week up at my son's home in Los Gatos for my Birthday. Enjoyed my visit and got to spend time with my granddaughter.

    Your kitty has the right idea. My dogs are the same way. Run out to go potty and right back in.

    Take care my friend.


  4. I have missed too many posts here Adrienne! I already loved your house so much and now you are making some changes that will have me on your doorstep with all my bags and computer ready to move right in! It is going to WOW me and I will love it 10x more!
    So glad you caught the shed wall in time and got that all fixed up. I feel like a slug after seeing all the hard work you've been doing. The only fix up project I've done this summer is paint the interior of my shack in the woods! and it's only 10x16 :)
    I can hardly wait to see your living room!
    sending hugs...


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