Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Benches ~

Along my driveway I have a little cracked concrete area that I originally created for a bench. The funny thing is that I have had just about everything else here but a bench. First I had a decorative wheelbarrow filled with flowers, it was very charming but after a while the wood rotted and I wasn't able to find a replacement. Then recently, a large planter filled with succulents, which looked nice through the cooler weather but didn't really stand up to our increasingly hot summer months.

 I finally decided to do what I had originally intended and put a bench here. I found the perfect bench online at Home Depot. It took a while for me to get around to putting it together, not easy for one person alone to do as the pieces were heavy and awkward to deal with, at one point I just sat down and laughed at myself and how incompetent I must look struggling with this thing.

But I got it done and it looks great, so great in fact...

 that I ordered another one to replace a rather worn wooden bench I already had in another spot farther down the driveway.

Right here.

I like the idea that they match and being made of aluminum neither of them will ever rot away or need to be repainted every year.

Visitors to my garden should certainly be able to find a place to sit!

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Great job there, lol! And so Beautiful benches. Would love to have one here too, but I guess they don't send oversea.
    Have a nice day.
    Love Elzie

  2. I love the benches. We have one that I need to get to work on, but I don't think it will be this year. Benches are so nice to have in the garden to sit on and just relax.

  3. Well done! As we work on our new garden I keep the need for a bench in the back of my mind, wanting to choose the best place for one. It may take me some time! I like how yours are tucked into their sites.

  4. Good for you putting that bench together. I am not very good at putting things together have no patience for that.

    They look really good in your garden. Your flowers look so good, mine look terrible. I have lost all interest in the garden and can hardly wait for FALL to arrive. I am sick of all this HOT weather - there doesn't seem to be any let up


  5. We have a bench in our garden. Our little English-style garden started with the bench and climbing roses on the wall. We really love the bench.

  6. You did a wonderful job at putting two benches together, and you found perfect spots for them in your gorgeous garden.
    It has been a while since I last visit with you, and I have lots of great and inspiring posts to catch up with. Stay cool...hugs!

  7. Your seating areas are very inviting. I love the new benches.


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