Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My plant of the year ~

Something interesting has happened in my front garden this summer. With the hot weather all of the pink roses stopped blooming and what was a predominately pink border is now a blue and purple border.


mostly to this plant,

Salvia guaranitica commonly known as Salvia Black and Blue. And this I have decided is my Plant of the Year.

I like just about all of the Salvias. I have a lot of them and have made an effort to add even more to the garden this summer. They perform so wonderfully in our hot, dry, climate.

But this one is special.

 The beautiful bright blue flowers are complimented by the almost chartreuse foliage; a magical combination. I cut them almost to the ground last winter and have pruned them drastically through the summer months and they continue to come back again and again with more bloom.

As the weather cools down and fall begins to assert itself all the roses will have a repeat bloom; here in Southern California, we call this our second spring. Then I will cut back the salvias and let the roses shine. But until then they are providing me, the butterflies, and the hummingbirds, with a great deal of pleasure. 

Thank you for visiting. I hope you have a magnificent day.


  1. The salvia is such a pretty shade of blue and I would like some of that in my garden. I think it would look pretty with our blue fescue grasses and hydrangeas. Gardening is such a wonderful hobby and yours is an inspiration.

  2. They look pretty. I may have to find some to grow myself next year. I have mainly bushes, but would love to have some plants in certain places.

  3. That's a wonderful shade of blue!

  4. I have the same plants and they do beautifully. I have almost cut them down to the ground and they keep coming back. I have a white one in the front yard.

    Have a great weekend -yours look great!


  5. We love this salvia too. It flowers several times a year in our garden.

  6. I have admired this plant, but haven't tried it. It would probably be an annual here. Gosh it looks pretty in your garden!

  7. the blue is startlingly beautiful. Happy to have the hot weather leaving soon and bringing Fall in its place.


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