Monday, November 7, 2016

Mums and more mums ~

Tis the season for mums. 

Last spring I attended the local Chrysanthemum Society's annual sale. They have plants in 4 inch containers started by cuttings from their members. Every year I buy three or four of them. They are nice plants and are flowering now but are of the tall, show type and tend to need a watchful eye, and staking. 

So I was very pleased to walk into my local Home Depot a few weeks ago and find a really nice selection of 'garden' mums in gallon containers. Less fussy than their showy sisters these will only reach 24 inches and  require much less care in the garden.

 I have planted them now, and they will provide some fall color but they really won't met their potential until next year when they have matured.

I guess you call this, planting for the future.

Here is bouquet of some of the chrysanthemums  I already have in the garden. Not only do they add color to the fall border but are wonderful cut flowers.

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  1. They look so pretty in your silverware!
    Hope your week is going well...

  2. Lovely flowers, very nice colours.

    1. Thank you...they do come in a wonderful variety of colors.

  3. Your mums are lovely! And you'll get a free gift next year.

    1. Yes, as a gardener sometimes you have to look ahead. I love gardening surprises.

  4. The mums are so pretty. I love the mums as they provide so much color to our gardens.
    I'm going over to my wholesale nursery and pick up a few for color on the front patio.

    Enjoy your week.


    1. Good...they will add a lot of color and interest.


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