Saturday, November 26, 2016

Planting for the holidays ~

Earlier in the week I found myself planting for the holidays.

Starting with Amaryllis. I have never planted these before but they were such a lovely color and on sale for 50% off. I figured why not give them a try. And maybe, just maybe, they might bloom in time for Christmas. 

a little Dwarf Alberta Spruce which I will bring in the house for the holiday season and then plant in the garden. I have a perfect spot for one and this is the time of year that pine trees are available in Southern California. I think most people use them in lieu of cut Christmas trees but I like them for the garden too.

  Not really for Christmas, but for later in the year,
Sweet Peas  - planted now they should bloom early before it gets too hot. And finally, Calendulas. Although commonly available in pony packs the only way to get the taller old fashion variety that I prefer is to plant seeds. They add great color to the winter and early spring garden and if you are lucky some will reseed for next year. 

As you can see I am planning a very extended holiday season, especially in the garden.

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  1. The little pines are so sweet. Looking forward to seeing your gardening when Spring comes again.

    1. I planted three dozen winter annuals today, I am hoping they will give me some color for the on-coming months.


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