Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas in the dining room ~

My living room is still in flux with the furniture either at the upholstery shop or covered in sheets waiting for me to decide which fabric I am going to use so it can go. This all  makes it ridiculous to decorate the room for Christmas this year.

But I missed having a tree somewhere nearby.


I put a little tree in the dining room. At least it will add a touch of Christmas when I entertain. 

The cherub statue was already on the table and fits in perfectly. It is meant for the garden but I have always kept it inside.

In the background you can see one of my unfinished drapes in the aforementioned, living room. It took a long time to find the right fringe for the trim -  it was finally delivered today so by next week they should be finished and hung.

 This  room has really proved to be a challenge and I decided that instead of making quick decisions I would take my time and not be rushed, but it does feel like it is taking forever.

No decorations in the living room this year but I do have my pretty little tree in the dining room to enjoy.

Thank you for visiting.

Happy Holidays


  1. Your home is looking very festive Adrienne!
    I like the fabric that you have chosen for your drapes. I made drapes years ago for our dining room and they took me ages as the fabric and lining was so heavy! Its like weight lifting maneuvering all that bulk! It will be so lovely to sit in the living room with a cup of tea and look around at all that you have accomplished.

  2. Thank you. Yes,this has been quite a task and the fabric with the lining is very heavy. I am finishing the pleats today and then with the fringe..j'ai fini

  3. Your tree is very pretty and looking into the living room, the drapes look really nice.

    I think as we get older it takes more time to decide on what we like. I know that I have finished with re-decorating. I will just move some things around to make it look a little different.

    Love the tree and decorations. Have a great week.


  4. Your tree is so pretty. Our decorations aren't all up since life has been so busy. Having oral surgery this week has slowed me a bit but decorating will get done soon. We're keeping it simple this year. In the meantime I'm enjoying the lights on our little tree and candles that brighten our home each evening. Thanks for sharing your home with us. I can't wait to see your new living drapes.

  5. Am I remembering right that you did a bakery Christmas theme in the kitchen last year? Hope you will be doing that again. No need for a big tree with your spots of Christmas in each room. Love them.


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